Hosting questions -- Can "new" sites affect "old" ones?

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Hey Guys,

I'm looking to setup some new Wordpress sites but I'm concerned about hosting it on the same server as my "main" websites. Specifically, from an SEO perspective.

Essentially, I don't want any problems from the "new" sites to adversely affect my SE-rankings for my established domains.

So... what's the best course of action:

Should I get a separate hosting account just for these sites, or can I use my dedicated host, but just have a separate IP for all "trial" sites.

Any recommendations?


P.S. It's not blackhat stuff, but I'm just paranoid of this somehow affecting my "old" sites.
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    Hey Ronnie,

    It depends on if the sites are in the same niche whether or not it'll affect you SEO rankings. For example if you have multiple sites in the same niche all hosted on the same IP address then Google will probably catch on and penalize your sites.

    However if they are in completely different niches but hosted on the same IP then you're probably ok.

    If you're worried about it sign up with by HostGator.

    I use them and have a unique IP address for each site. You can have one WHM control panel and host all your sites under one main account. It's like hosting your sites with multiple hosting providers.
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      Hey norcaldude,

      Thanks for the tips... so really it's all based on IPs, right? Not name servers?

      I say that because I already have a dedicated host and I can get a separate IP for the sites. Of course, I'd prefer this since I don't want to have to pay for another host.

      Would that work?

      Thanks for your help!

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