WSO's showing up in Google Alerts and Search Results!

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I have a ton of Google Alerts set up. One just
came in for some terms I entered to be notified
about a few weeks ago... and get this...

One of them linked directly to one of my WSO's!

Whoa! Instantly our marketing reach goes way
beyond the Warrior forum!

I also just did some searches on Google, using
quotes, and found my WSO's.

This is cool.

Now we need to start SEOing our WSO's for
maximum exposure!

This actually helps the no bump rule as talked
about here:
#internet marketing #google alerts #wso #wso seo
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    That can get alot of visitors if it is SEO'd correctly.

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    That's really cool..

    Imagine getting hundreds of visitors to your WSO's not only from WF but from all over the internet.

    More visitors = More Sales = More money = WSO Poster More Happy

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    Thats sweet! On another forum I put up a pack of diet PLR articles (with a link to instant delivery - no like...BMAB) and I kept getting sales from it even as it fell and fell in terms of the forum. So finally one customer had a download problem and contacted me and after resolving it I asked how he found the pack.

    My post was #2 for the phrase "diet plr" (I think with and without quotes) in Google!
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      I'm going to install this forum on ALL
      my sites starting yesterday.

      Granted, this is a longtail crazy phrase,
      but check this out:
      social proof internet marketing method - Google Search

      # 1 and # 2 on Google, listed list authority.
      Post was just added today and this whole
      new forum just went live what, a day or
      two ago?

      Filling your WSO with some great well-researched
      WSO's will drive traffic to your WSO for sure!

      Doing some SEO in your WSO will obviously help.

      Can you imagine the # of new members that will
      be pouring in here within the next week... days?

      I'm dumping my BBpress on my WordPress Blogs.
      I'm going with this one - it's crazy good!


      Check this out:
      social proof report - Google Search

      That is for the term: social proof report

      No quotes! The WSO is # 3.

      I just did some more research on other current
      WSO's... and it seems to me that Google LOVES
      the new Warrior Forum!

      I just picked a random WSO and did a search
      on Google with the title of the WSO:
      website flipping home study course - Google Search

      Yup... # 1 out of 290,000 results.

      This will make everyone really think a little
      harder about the subject lines of WSO's and
      of course forum posts.

      I just looked at some previous forum posts...

      Check this out:
      program to create ecovers - Google Search

      No doubt some people will be searching for that term.

      The more I dig, the more I am FLOOOOOORED!

      I'm not going to sleep tonight. I have over 200
      forums to get up and running!!!!

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