Your favorite Email management script??

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What email management scripts do you use for your PHP-MySQL sites? (I am not talking about or, I am talking about scripts that I can buy/download and install on the website without paying a monthly subscription fee).

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    Any advice for me please?
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    If you have hosting with a company that uses cpanel there are a few programs in fantastico that might help you. PHP form comes to mind. There are others for auto responders. Just look under Fantastico in your cPane.

    George Wright
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      I've looked at some of those, they are too basic. I am looking for something that can track opt-ins, make it possible to track opt-ins via popups, Etc. cpanel autoresponders usually don't do any of that..
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    Be careful though with self hosted mailing softwares because as your list gets big, your host might not love you anymore due to server hog Make sure you contact your host with your plans.

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