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using the right keyword is the main thing when it comes to article marketing. If you want to gain article marketing as a means of getting traffic to your site then don't think of writing 100 articles think of the right keyword. when I wrote one article i use 'calcium, zinc and the body' AS THE KEYWORD i didnot get much viewer compare to when i now rewrite the article and i use calcium only as the keyword so use the right keyword if you want to make it in article marketing and make alot money from this internet biz.
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    Good point, well made
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    You can break it down even simpler. A keyword is usually looked at as the number of searches something gets a month, and what kind of searches those are.

    Basically, some people forget the MARKET, in MARKETING. You can drive traffic, you can write articles, you can build a list, but if you aren't offering what the market wants, you are leaving big money somewhere other than your wallet.

    Some keywords (markets) also get a lot more traffic and views than others, so depending on your sales process, it might be worth it to check broader options out as well.

    Test test test!

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