How to upload tar.gz files

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Hey all,

This may seem like a silly question, but I have never uploaded a tar.gz file.

I just purchased a product and the only option for opening the file is in this format.

I cannot get it open. "Duh"

How do I get it unzipped? Do I need to purchase a different Compressed Folder software?


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    It is a Unix/Linux archive format and generally created to keep the permissions and directory structure in tact. More than likely you need to upload it to your host and than extract it there.

    Usually author of the file will provide instructions - if not - use Winzip, mine seem to understand and be able to Untar the archives. Winrar is second option you can try for free.
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      A great free product for all zip files without all the advertising that you get with winzip is 7zip and its free for the full version.



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