How to Increase My Fiverr Gig Sale?

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Hello friends, I'm Sanuna. I have 3+ years experience on image editing service, clipping path service and Background removal service etc. Recently, I have published some new gigs on photoshop image editing service. I want to boost my fiverr gig sale. Can you please share some effective tips for increase my sale? Need experts advice . Wish all you will help me.
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    This has been discussed more than once here on the forum and here are some responses from this thread asking just about the same thing as you are:

    Originally Posted by TheProductReviewGuy View Post

    Promote your gigs on social media, advertise via forum signature and use word of mouth. You should start seeing some sales pouring in. Once that happens, your gig will rank better on the Fiverr searches meaning you'll be at the top where most sales come in.

    Also, create a unique gig because you have more of a chance of going on the front page of Fiverr where you'll see tonnes of sales coming in.

    Once you do get sales for your gig, upsell them ClickBank products as PDFs. Put the CB hoplink in a PDF and tell the buyer to use the product to boost their earnings/rankings.
    Originally Posted by seobro View Post

    Here are some proven winners.
    • include several samples of your work
    • use bold colors to stand out
    • add a video
    Originally Posted by UnkwnUsr View Post

    Try changing the gig picture and description. Fiverr will promote your gig in search if it has a good CTR so make sure you have a nice attention grabbing photo. For more complex gigs you can try uploading a video explaining how the gig works. This is really important in cases where people may fear that your gig will harm their site (SEO, Linkbuilding). For simple gigs I like to keep the description short and to the point. Don't add too many qualifiers or state each and everything the gig doesn't do. That will turn buyers off real fast.
    Originally Posted by TheProductReviewGuy View Post

    Fiverr is a perfect marketplace for you to sell services. You can sell pretty much anything including article writing, SEO, social media services etc. However, people seem to complain about not making enough sales or any sales in fact. I decided to write a quick guide on how to maximise earnings on Fiverr here. These were all trialled and tested by myself and it works 100%.

    Traffic: People rely too much on Fiverr for sales and traffic but that is the wrong thing to do. In order to make sales, you need traffic coming in to your Fiverr service page. In order to do this, you can do this:

    Forum signature.
    Join Fiverr service groups on FB and post your service.
    Post your gig on the Fiverr forum.

    1). Using a forum, you can post a signature link back to your Fiverr page. If you keep providing high quality content, people will start to click on your link.

    2). There are tonnes of pages on FB where people offer their Fiverr service. Simply post yours and bring in traffic this way.

    3). The Fiverr forum is a gold mine! Not many people understand how to use the Fiverr forum to promote their gig. Simply go on the Fiverr gigs thread on the forum and promote your gig

    There are thousands of other gigs which are selling the exact same gig as you. What makes yours different? Add value to your gig and differentiate yourself from the rest. If you are providing articles on Fiverr, give a free article if they purchase 2 gigs from you or give a free PDF explaining how they can utilize article marketing etc.

    USE ALL 20 GIGS: What really bothers me is when people only use 2-5 gigs to provide their service. Fiverr allows you to use all 20! Use all of them and you will definitely see a difference in your earnings. Imagine making 1 sale per gig a day. That's $80 a day!

    If you are struggling to use all 20 gigs, simply rewrite your gigs. For example, if you are selling article services, you can do similar work under different names. E.G.

    I will write a high quality article for you.
    I will write a press release article for you.
    I will write a high converting sales page for you.
    I will write an About page for you.

    This alone can help you make more sales as you are targeting different people who want the same thing. This is only advice though. It's up to you to implement the techniques.
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    Powerful Tips To Get Fast Sales On Fiverr

    1. What You Offer
    What can you bring to the table that buyer want and will like to order is one of the important questions that needs to be answered and also the basic of a successful fiverr income source. If what you offer is not wanted by anyone then you gig won’t get orders from buyer just because they don’t want what you offer. So first know what the buyer want and try to learn them and use them.

    2. Be Professional
    Before creating a gig it is normally good to know what you are offering very well so that you won’t be surprised when the buyers start throwing question and you and you will end up loosing the gig to someone else. Now been professional does not just end in questions but also in your appearance, normally people don’t take this part important because before I order a gig I look at the seller profile in case the seller looks weird. Try to have this professional look in your profile and also try to create good conversation with your client and sound professional when doing so.

    3. Other Gigs
    Normally some people that uses fiverr don’t notice that the other gigs in your account also affect your sales, when you have a profile with 20 gig which is the limit of the amount of a fiverr account, so if those 20 gigs in your account does not fit each other it looks like someone just want to make money from all areas which does look attractive, for example you created a gig about designing of pictures and the other gigs look somehow then it does not attractive buyer to order the gig.

    4. Gig Title

    This is a very important part of getting quick sales, if you miss this part then there is nothing for you, I say that for sure. Having an attractive title is very important. The title just makes the sellers eyes click on your gig, there are many ways to make your gig look attractive. For example this is a title of a normal gig “I will design banner for $5” and this is the attractive gig “I will design An Awesome and Beautiful banner for $5” now tell me which one will you order if you were the buyer? I know which one you will pick.

    5. Gig Descriptions

    The Gig description is very important and it not something you just play with because this is what helps the buyer understand what you are selling or offering. Normally I can just say I have a format for writing a good description but you can also do what I normally do to write a very good and attractive description. To write a good description go to the top sellers of what you are offering and look for what different between your own and the top sellers own.
    6. Upload A Video

    Fiverr officially made it necessary to upload a video of yourself telling your client about what you offer, this is totally necessary if you want to get more sales as fiverr normal select Gig for the featured categories and for your gig to be selected you must have a video of each of your gigs, something to note is that the video must be different from other and it is good if you are in the video.

    7. Gig Picture

    Fiverr users are fun of this which is copying another seller’s gig pix and using it thereby creating this kind of cloud of similarity which is not good especially for new seller because it will be well seen that you copied the picture from someone else. Been unique is the key and without this it will be hard to get quality sales.

    8. Always Give Bonus
    Which human being those not like free things? Not me, what normally rocks now is giving out bonus to buyers and also get more orders in return, you can place this in your description alongside with your condition of getting the bonus as this will attract the buyer to your gig and you will get more sales because of this. It has worked for me and am sure it will work for you.
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      Great thanks for this valuable information.
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      Thanks! I'm going to keep this in mind with my voice over gigs!
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    Here is the secret sauce for Fiverr
    1. Great portfolio showcase of your talent/past work or simply various different examples.

    2. Offer as much as you can for the lowest amount of money compared to the top performers in your niche.

    3. Unlimited Revisions/Satisfaction Guaranteed ask for positive 5 star reviews.

    WORK hard build your reputation, the money will follow.
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    You can focus mainly on Social Media Sites and you will get the result you need. Use Tools to automate your Adverts on them. You can even target those that needs your service.
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    I tend to buy from buyers that respond extra fast and deliver super fast - so many time offering faster delivery can work. Can you offer express delivery on any of your services? Another thing that make people buy is a limited time offer - some discount on your special services for a short period of time might give you the boost you need.
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    1. Exchange or buy some reviews!
    2. Sell crazy offer! Something like 100 images clipping task for $5 (for example) and offer it to few members on some forums until you leveling up.
    3. Sell only 1 single gig just for $5! Don't play with other pack or price until you leveling up!

    Good luck!
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      Great thanks for this effective tips. Really uncommon tips.
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    I would suggest only show work you've actually done in the preview carusel.
    I see so many designers that have great artwork listed first, then a few designs they've done and gotten reviewed by the buyer and they are not of the same quality.
    I rather see what I'm getting.
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    I typed into the search box "sanjuna" and "sanuna", but got the following message.

    We didn't find any results for your search.

    Customers might want to use your services. However, they cannot find you. Add your name to the keywords list and that might help you get more gigs.

    Put some FIVERR in your diet!
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    The gig has to be promoted via social media , forum and words of mouth. The more the gig will face user-interface , its rank on search engine will come higher. Once gig is sold, it should be upsold at click-bank product using pdfs. The CB hoplink should be used in a pdf and the buyer must be told to optimize earning.
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    The best thing is to add a video if you don't already have one as they have been proven to increase conversion rates. If you don't like being in front of the camera you could always use a whiteboard video.
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    Most of the replies here are talking about how to get sales on Fiverr. However, you wrote "I want to boost my fiverr gig sale" which could also mean that although you are already getting sales, you want to increase the sale value.

    The way I accidentally found to do that was to get a lot of 5-star reviews with some brilliant feedback comments and then raise my prices. I'm now doing slightly less work for double the money and the customers and jobs are nicer too.

    To get those 5-star reviews I always over delivered while offering a low price. In addition to that, I kept in regular communication with the buyers. Especially acknowledging I'd received an order because although they posted an order, until they hear back from you they never know if you've seen it. Doesn't matter if you will be delivering it in an hours time, get it acknowledged asap and your response time will come down on your visible Fiverr stats.

    If you can, make use of the packages, and/or custom orders. Buyers now seem to be expecting custom orders for even the lowliest of gigs; so don't disappoint them, increase you sales prices. They expect to pay a bit more for custom orders, makes them special.

    Hope some of this helps you.
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