How many of you use multiple affiliate networks?

by ultravi01 19 replies
I'm just curious how many of you regularly use multiple affiliate networks such as, Rakuten, ClickBank... or primarily just one?

If so, what affiliate networks should I be looking at.. or the most popular?

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    The two I see most are jvzoo and clickbank.
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    I am also using multiple ad networks. It helps me to diversify my income sources.
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    Yep. ClickBank, JVZoo, WarriorPlus, MaxBounty, DealGuardian, Peerfly, and Zaxaa. It really just depends on who has the types of offers that you want to make.

    Also, it's good to spread out your income sources. Don't just rely on one affiliate, ad network or method.
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    Originally Posted by ultravi01 View Post

    If so, what affiliate networks should I be looking at.. or the most popular?

    This question is asked many times here. And my answer is always the same. Use the affiliate networks that have the product or products you want to promote.

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    Yes- multiple is the way to go once you get going. If you are just starting out, try not to start with just one until you're earning enough to diversify to other networks as well
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    I use multiple CPA networks, as they won't all have the same offers. However, at the same time, offers that do exist on multiple networks can be a benefit if you're sending an offer that you have a cap or the network has fixed budget for the month. So if either gets hit, you could switch to promoting the offer on another network.
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    Hey Ryan,

    Personally, I use Clickbank, Clicksure, JvZoo, WarriorPlus as I think these are the best.

    My favorite is Clickbank as it has a huge variety of subniches that you can choose from and the products are the utmost quality of you ask me.

    Nowadays, i'm not so much of a fan of Clicksure as I used to be because a lot of offers are hit or miss and are too hypey.

    Hope this helps!

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    Am using multiple income streams funnel I promote only one link and get paid commissions from many services including autoresponders such as Aweber Getresponse

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    I also use multiple networks, it depends on what kind of product I want to promote - for instance, now I am working in a niche that doesn't offer too many good digital products, so I had to do some digging and found the best ones on two different networks.
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    I like Maxbounty & ClickBank.

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