Photos of My Office After Hurricane Ike's Visit

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Here are some photos of my office after Hurricane Ike's visit.

Thought you might find them interesting. - David Frey's Office After Hurricane Ike - Uploaded by hdavidfrey

It's all good.

(It always could be worse.)

David Frey
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  • Profile picture of the author Jesus Perez
    Smart move on the monitors. Next time, put the keyboards/mice inside the desks. Garbage bags are indispensable.

    Sorry to see the destruction. I've been through a few here in South Florida and sympathize.
  • Profile picture of the author Joseph Then
    Man, this is scary.

    In Singapore, if a tree branch falls, the news makes a big oh-ah.

    Compared to this...

    I hope you get back to normal life soon...
    • Profile picture of the author David Frey
      thanks guys. I appreciate your kind words.

      Really, the only thing of great value in my business is my data.

      Everything else was just paper sturf. (i.e. Marketing Library, swipe files,
      old products, etc.)

      We pulled out all our servers and storage devices and put them
      in the mini-van right next to our kids, clothes and photos.

      But hey, I wanted to move out of that office anyway. ha ha ha

    • Profile picture of the author ExRat
      Hi headhunting,

      That's what MY office looks like NORMALLY.......
      I shouldn't laugh, but that was funny!

      David, best wishes to you...I hope the clear up isn't too much of a pain.
  • Profile picture of the author Estelle T. Dunomes
    Does anyone know if you could "deposit" your computers in your friendly bank's vault for safekeeping? No, I'm not joking. I'm really serious!

    I wouldn't want to have to buy new equipment after a catastrophe of this magnitude. So, if anyone knows of such a service, please share the info.

    David, glad that you were able to save all things and people precious to you. That's really all that matters.

    Many, many blessings to you and everyone else as you recover from this devastation.

  • Profile picture of the author graphicsgenie
    Hey David,

    How are you considering, I hate to see things like this, but as you say, things could have been a lot worse

    Good Luck and stay safe
  • Profile picture of the author Christopher R Everson
    Does your office offer insurance? A lot of them are required to at least mention it to you if they offer it directly, and most will bring it up.

    Some forms of traveler's insurance also cover a surprising amount of office stuff.

    My first office was the other half of a Metlife building, so the guys there clued me into all the available insurance (and clued themselves in on my wallet)
    • Profile picture of the author Kym Robinson
      You dont know how lucky you are until you see something like this!
      I would have been devastated if that happened to me!
      I suppose people in Ameriaca must somehow get used to this sort of thing?

      David - I am really impressed with your attitude! If the kids and the mrs are good - its just a bonus that you saved your data too!

      Im blown away - you see this stuff on the news on foxtel, but until you see how it directly affects someone you dont really understand!
      Here in Perth Western Australia -although it gets pretty hot - I feel even more lucky than usual today!

      I sincerely hope you get everything sorted out quickly - my thoughts are with you - take care.
  • Profile picture of the author Norma Holt
    Thanks for sharing this David. Its devastating and horrible to contemplate what people are going through after Ike and the other cyclones. My understanding is that Katrina is still impacting on lives and Gustav with more too come.

    I'd leave home if I were you. My sympathy to you and all others now cleaning up after it. At least you still have us to share and talk to.

    God bless
  • Profile picture of the author greenovni
    Here sending you my best wishes. While I hated that this hurricane hit us, I am SO grateful it did not hit Florida.

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