The World's Best Selling Infoproducts : Top 10 ?

by adagio 15 replies
Hi there,
what are in your view, the current top best selling information products,
that drive traffic through ads and direct response primarily ?

How do you think would be the best way to elaborate a top 10 list of the worlds best selling infoproducts (with direct response traffic sources) in the fitness, wellness , business, and related niches ?
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    Best I have found are the ones which help people make money. Search
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      thanks, any other similar sites to muncheye ?
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    Originally Posted by adagio View Post

    Hi there,
    what are in your view, the current top best selling information products,
    that drive traffic through ads and direct response primarily ?
    I really do not know and that is because I do not care. What I mean is, I look for products in my niche to promote. I know, for example, that one of the best selling info products is "Six Pack Abs" But I do not know if they are in the top 10 or not.

    And you will find that all the top selling info products have many good affiliates promoting and not necessarily ads or direct response marketing, although that probably plays a part.

    This question is probably something you will have to research on your own as most answers you get here will be wild ass guesses.


    Making money is art and working is art and good business is the best art. ~Andy Warhol~

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      so, where do you look for stats to find the best selling infoproducts within your niche ?
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    What I would look for are evergreen products that offer real value from respected suppliers with a proven track record of sales with a residual income element and a proven deep sales funnel leading to high ticket sales. You will want programs that have been established for a few years and continue to be popular.

    You could join as an affiliate to these programs and make good regular sales while building your list and carefully crafting your follow sequences in your autoresponder. It wont happen overnight and you will end up with several funnels. If you get these funnels to convert well you can switch on your traffic on demand and scale up your business.

    Get Your Mind-set Right - Take Consistent Action
    Connect with the right people

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      where do you look for the best selling evergreen products then ?
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    I prefere courses from Frank Kern, niche independent.
    Project OTF
    Mass Control 2.0
    Survey Siphon
    Magic Model
    Millionaire Marketing Formulas
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      sure, but isn't frank kern leveraging his star status to launch his products ?

      i was thinking about blockbusters infoproducts ( like six pack abs) that are proven to do well with direct response
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    I'm with agmccall, (don't know or care about the top 10, and yes six pack abs is a good converter), you've already mentioned the evergreen niches. I find good converting products in my niche and promote anyway I can.

    Is there a reason you want to find a top 10 list?
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      well, i thought every infomarketer would be interested to see what are the top sellers in the info industry, either for the sake of promotion, or simply for marketing analysis / copywrighting study

      in other words, other than clickbank products, where can you find best sellers such as six pack abs ?
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    the question is basically about making a billboard of the best selling direct response infoproducts.
    why ?
    to promote throught direct response,
    and to study their successful copy / marketing funnels
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    personal development and fitness information products are usually top sellers
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    i `m using
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  • I also use Mucheye.

    They provide me with all the required info on the highest converting offers.

    You may be entitled to $1,000. See if you qualify here!
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