How to make profitable a dedicated server?

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I am thinking about renting a dedicated server, more as a hobby than a business. I will host a few of my own sites and make some tests, it's not to earn money.

But, as it costs money to rent a dedicated server and as I will have so much free space available and ressources, I thought: "why not try to recover a small part of the cost"?

I don't want to start a web hosting business because I would need to have at least a second server, hire people for the support etc. I don't want to create an umpteenth resale rights memberships, there are enough I think and it would require a few extra hard disks!

I was more thinking about maybe buying a script to install on my server and then ask a small subscription fee for people to get access to this service. Any idea the script I could buy or the type of services I could offer? I don't want something that would take a lot of my time, rather something quite automatic.

Any ideas or advices?

Thank you.
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    I really do not understand the reason for having a dedicated server it what you are doing is just a hobby. I would think that it would be better to get some inexpensive hosting that allows multiple domains.

    Also, if you intend on leasing or selling then it goes from a hobby to a business and all the customer service lands in your lap

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    I agree with agmccall. The only point of having a dedicated server to justify the costs involved is to use its potential in a business as a asset from which you would monetize for your business purpose. You would have to make a business case for that.
    There are many hosting reseller packages out there that you could use to recover some costs but as has been mentioned, these result in clients for which you will have to provide some support and this is not a hobby!
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    In the early days, I have had as many as 85+ dedicated servers at one time.

    Even then, I had zero interest in learning Linux beyond the basics of regular operations, just in case, I needed to do something myself to save time. Anything outside that scope, that's what techs, programmers, etc... are for, so you can concentrate on marketing.
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