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More than 2 million years in evolution and we still fear trying new things, Well I think neophobia it's genetic status in human nature. But hey, we are living in modern times and we saw a lot of living examples of individuals who came up with new ideas shaped our world today.

A few days ago I started a topic here in WF about generating original content using unconventional ways, the truth is I wanted to see how people in 2017 get their content and I wasn't looking for help.

Unfortunately, I have not succeeded in managing the thread, and I take the blame for that because I sounded like I am trying a very cheap and unprofessional way to promote myself.

Regardless of mutual accusations and useless responses, it was a really good conversation and I noticed a lot of things, such as how people in IM stuck with the same old ways from 2000's and 90's and how they rejecting new things in the speed of light.

When I talked about A.I and how we should get advantage of it a lot of members told me that we need some millions of $$ in Capital from silicon valley VC firms and I need to be a Ph.D. in order to get this thing done, they talked like I am going to build Skynet or Jarvis. While my idea was simple and clear, I said we should leverage the new exciting technologies and I didn't say we should build something from scratch.

There's a lot of A.I framework available to public and TensorFlow by Google is the best so far and anyone with python skills can build outstanding apps using the framework and NO you don't need a Ph.D. or VC money.

What I am trying to say is, we need to make this technology works on our side instead of ignoring it and it will turn against us in the long term, and Please for WF sake, IM is all about open mind and thinking out of the box so don't limit yourself with the same old ways. we need to adopt new things so we can move to the next new level.
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