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I've just joined my 1st MLM company. The company hasn't launched yet so I'm getting in on the ground level (which I hear is the best way). This world of MLM/internet marketing is new and foreign to me so I'm looking to see the best ways to build a team for a company that is just around the corner from launching. Any feedback is appreciated
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    Try local advertising on Facebook, that way you can actually sit and talk with them face to face. If I'm joining a company I would rather see the person. Give them a good compelling offer to join under you. Just like marketing, you have to think about what's in it for them.
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      Thank you so much for the feedack. I was just on FB searching for MLM groups and hope to find more insight there.
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    Unless your company has a good marketing plan that is easily duplicable and management has extensive experience within the industry and extensive MLM experience, you've got less than a snowball's chance in hell.
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    I honestly don't know how many MLM people are on this forum but I would start by joining MLM groups and discussions on places like Facebook and other social media platforms.
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      Originally Posted by ChrisBa View Post

      I honestly don't know how many MLM people are on this forum but I would start by joining MLM groups and discussions on places like Facebook and other social media platforms.
      Yehave to agree with Chris

      This is not a forum for MLM and truly if I was you I would bail why you still can ! or you are just going loose money and your time unless this is your idea then run away

      Some on here will tell you this and blah that just not worth the effort

      If by chance you see any typos in my posts have lost my glasses and yes new ones on the way
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    Be coachable. MLM is a business of duplication. Those who've already been successful will share their secrets to success, and all you need to do is listen and then do what they tell you.

    Successful MLMers have been there, done that--and have the paycheck to prove it--so be coachable, and duplicate their success.

    MLM isn't a get-rich-quick scheme; you'll only get rich through hard work. One of the main differences I see in those who fail vs. those who succeed is their level of work. Most people who've failed treated their MLM businesses like a hobby, working whenever they had some spare time. The top income earners, on the other hand, work at their businesses every day.

    Success in network marketing was to go out with the idea of making a million friends instead of a million dollars.

    It's one thing to have this knowledge--and a whole different thing to actually do what you've learned. So be a doer, and watch your business and income skyrocket. - Rod Nichols
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      Thank you for the positive feedback. I admit I've had bouts of reluctance but after researching peoples recommendations I now know I have to go in with a postive attitude. I hope to find someone to mentor me and am more than willing to be coached.
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      This is good advice. A key ingredient to success with MLM also relates to you building your own brand and being a leader for others you approach. Provide value, engage, share marketing advice and build relationships. If you only try to pitch your opportunity you will fail because people don't want to be sold to.
      Have a value proposition and let others see your value and they will naturally gravitate towards your leadership and inquire about your business in a natural way.
      I think magnetic marketing is the correct term that attracts other to you...

      Good luck
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    Be on guard, there is a thin line between legal MLM and an illegal ponzi scheme.

    How much time, money, and effort will you be investing in this MLM?

    Nothing for sale. Just trying to learn and help.

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      The cost to start is minimal at $50. I'm finding it appears that I will spending ALOT of time/effort because I am new and know nothing about this business. As mentioned, the company hasn't officially launched anything so I'm one of the 1st persons enrolled. There is no charge to enroll and once the program launches there is a one time $50 fee. I am just seeking the best way to attract people and from what I'm reading on this forum, FB seems to be the way to go?
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    Hi N,

    Brand yourself. Not the MLM

    People buy into you, your leadership and your guidance. So build your blog and brand around yourself and when people trust the source of the MLM advice - you - they will buy in to your opportunity.

    Happy Networking.

    Ryan Biddulph, Blogger, Author, World Traveling Digital Nomad
    Retire to a Life of Island Hopping through Smart Blogging at Blogging From Paradise
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      Thank you for the link! I'm not familiar with the sales funnel so I will be looking into this
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      Originally Posted by flamewave View Post

      Get a lead generation sales funnel asap.

      You will not want to be spending money on facebook ads if you don't have landing pages and funnels all set up.
      If you try and advertise an MLM on Facebook and don't do it exactly right, your ads account will be banned in about 10 minutes.

      I tried a few MLMs and had some pretty decent success with some of them, but I just don't like the whole model of it. The constant selling and pitching is enough to make your head spin.

      A legitimate MLM makes it's money by selling a product and recruiting qualified distributors and giving them proper training and encouraging them to sell product. Of course, recruiting (building a downline) is also necessary if you want to maximize your income, but selling product should be first and foremost.

      Most MLMs don't operate like that. Most of them make their money through recruiting and by selling the "opportunity" to others. Those should be avoided as sooner or later they get crushed by the FTC. Basically, those are nothing more than dressed up pyramid schemes.

      As far as the whole "get in on the ground floor" theory, it's total BS.

      Your best bet is to join an already established MLM with a good reputation. If you "get in on the ground floor," you run the risk that the MLM you joined is not going to be legit.

      My advice is to avoid MLM altogether.

      There are so many other easier and better businesses you can start online. MLM programs are just not worth the aggravation IMO.
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    You need to start building your own personal branding. People will join you because they trust you not because of your MLM company or its products.

    MLM is a relationship business and therefore, you cannot rely solely on online marketing methods.

    You need to build locally first before you go nationwide or global as a distributor.

    MLM takes a lot of commitment and hard work. Only 1% will make it to the top.

    In addition, you also need to believe and love the products of your company.

    Remember, your goal is to create a community of consumers and from these consumers, some will become distributors and do the business.

    Do not, I repeat, do not play down those who turn down your opportunities. Keep in touch with them. Remain friends and don't be that annoying MLM asshole who keeps on chasing their family and friends to join them.
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    Make sure to alienate your friends and family along the way.
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    It's a tough business, so be prepared for a lot of "No thank you's" but if you are fearless and persistent yo might do well. Good luck
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    Originally Posted by neetness View Post

    I've just joined my 1st MLM company. The company hasn't launched yet so I'm getting in on the ground level (which I hear is the best way).
    That could be a Pro and a Con.

    If I was a betting man I say in the history of startups in MLM when getting in on the ground level of an unproven company it usually turns out to be bad than it does good for most people.

    - Robert Andrew
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    The only people I have seen do MLM's and are successful are the ones that already have a massive following of people and the resources to market to those people. Starting from ground zero is very difficult. But like everyone else is saying, It is probably best that you join a facebook group of like minded people. Or hopefully you joined under someone who is big in the program already. A lot of times, they have marketing resources already in place for the people that join under them. They normally cost money to plug into though so be prepared to spend a little money.

    Good Luck to you!
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    I'm new to MLM as well. So I follow Greg Gomez III who does very well with MLM team building. He even creates ads that complies with the policies for marketing MLM products. I am learning a lot from him. He even sells a blueprint that is really cheap and contains a lot of info to help with marketing and recruitment. Hope this helps
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    The worst thing you can do is join an MLM company and get in on the "ground floor" considering most MLMs go out of business before they hit the 5 year mark. Unless you like jumping from program to program,not something I suggest you do since there is no stability in that.
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    Product CAN be important, but mostly ACTION and relationships are it.
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    Congratulations welcome to the quickest and lowest cost of starting your own business. A word of caution there are many scams parading to be MLM businesses. The way to find the right fit is to make sure there is a premium product or service that benefits/Improves your customers life. You have to be proud to use it yourself and able to represent it. Looking for a Legacy MLM company is a great strategy they are tried and proven and offer excellent training programs. Get the word out with a professional converting website, email marketing, forums, classifieds, PPC, SEO, Magazines, Newspapers, YouTube, Social Media, business cards/flyers, cold calling. The sky is the limit, remember you get what you put in.
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    Aborsuk2 is correct, If you feel like building a team of your own so that you can sit and interact with them then approaching social media is the best option. While you are approaching social media traffic please don't forget re-targeting, which will triple your goal in later.
    Intenet Marketer since 2012, Contact me if you have any doubts, i believe i can help you
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    When I hear for MLM that's a signal for me to run away...why? Well it's because they always give you a feeling that there is still huge opportunity for you but the truth is that there's always some hidden little limitation that disables you to earn big bucks. How much do you need to pay to be a part of your big opportunity?
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    Below are some of the ways in which you can build a strong MLM team.
    • Build your own personal Brand - People will start joining you once they start trusting you.
    • Start Blogging - It can be done straight away but it will take some time before the results are shown.
    • Build a community - People like to feel that they are a part of something, so build a community, like a Facebook group, where your team members can come together, ask questions and mastermind.
    • Be Available - Let people know that you are always there to help and support them.
    • Show them the Way - Always be willing to train people that can help them succeed.
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    I have tried several MLM companies and unfortunately none have been positive experiences. Constantly battling to build a downline and seeing very little profit from it makes it very unstable. If you can make it work that would be great.

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