Best way to put $250 to good?

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I want to know other people's personal opinion in the IM world or doing any online work if you had to start out with only $250 what would you invest in ( anything online ) and what would your return be ( if you previously did this ). I would like to hear your stories!
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    In all due respect, this gets asked constantly here. Just the other day it was $500 someone was asking about. You can get things started on a shoestring for less than $100. I know I did 9 years ago.

    More than likely it will take you longer, though. Much easier to start off with a grand or two but not necessary
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      If I started with a grand what would be the difference? Do more results come quicker or is it the ROI that's bigger ?
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    I don't think i'm allowed to post any kind of link so I would say do what I did and signup for a program that has a low monthly cost of $37 then use the rest for FB advertising. You need something that has good training on how to get free traffic and leads and helps you convert. Create a FB page and be consistent with posts and run ads weekly you can reach hundreds of people a week with just 10 or 20 bucks.
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    What I suggest is:
    1. Ask your self , What is it that you are good at and passionate about.
    2. Do a Good Research For Products or services related to that and that
    People are searching for and buying.
    3. Get your self a domain name and hosting
    4. Build your ''Nich'' Website the Right Way
    5. Start Writing and reviewing about those products
    6. make a Lots of Affiliate Commissions

    Take care
    and Good Luck
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      Adding in seo correct? Or have you heard of the tool called buzzbundle? Matthew Woodward started using it years ago for promoting his website in his target audience in January 2013 he generated 9k views in that one month and income was about 9k as well then he kept using it over and over and supposedly he didn't need to do seo really.
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    I would invest it to List Building and email Marketing, Which what i am doing right now.
    For $49 you can have High converting landing page, 30 sets of follow up emails video training. this is important if you are totally beginner and if you don't have idea what to do..
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      I've always heard about building a list and out of all the things that I do myself I haven't came across list building. That might have to be something I try out.
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    Originally Posted by Hellome12 View Post

    I want to know other people's personal opinion in the IM world or doing any online work if you had to start out with only $250 what would you invest in ( anything online ) and what would your return be ( if you previously did this ). I would like to hear your stories!
    First I'd spend the time doing a bit of research about subjects I knew about and what people were asking surrounding those subjects.

    Then I'd do a bit of planning and lay something out in say Trello.

    I'd define my goals and put some time limits on achieving them.

    Then before I'd spent any money I'd draw out what my ideal business or funnel would look like on a big piece of paper and pin it up so I could look at it.

    I'd read and learn about "Business Model Canvas" then "Value Proposition Design"

    I'd probably spend the first money on buying a few books secondhand or I'd try to get them from the library. Books like Influence by Cialdini, Ultimate Sales Letter by Kennedy, The Boron Letters and many others that could help with crafting material that sells something.

    I'd learn a bit about web design or find someone who could help me.

    Once I'd worked out what I knew other people wanted to know I'd write those things up in a text file or Word Doc etc. with the goal of eventually publishing the content.

    Then I'd start a business and go through whatever registration processes were required where I lived.

    I'd register a business name.

    Then get a domain set up and social media accounts and some other Web 2.0.

    Get some decent hosting.

    Set up Webmaster Tools and G Analytics.

    Post some content to kick things off.

    Film a few videos on my phone to post to Youtube and Facebook.

    Publish my written content as either one kindle or better still a series of kindle books on Amazon.

    In each publication, ebook, social media, video etc I'd link back to a landing page on my domain.

    All the time I'd be building a course or some core offer for people who would eventually be my customers.

    In the early stages I would be gathering some opt-ins for lead magnets created from some content that was a byproduct of my course or kindle creation.

    I'd invest in an auto responder that would grow with me over time and have some good conditional tracking like Active Campaign.

    As I built out my core offer I'd be gathering names and building a relationship with my list so they trusted me enough to buy my core offer later.

    Once I had the core offer done and had both a lead magnet and a low dollar offer created I'd start to spend on paid traffic to send people to some of my content, the kindles, blog posts.

    All the time I'd be building retargeting lists with FB and Adwords for later use.

    I'd get skilled at communicating to my list.

    Once my funnel was set up I'd ask my list to buy.

    There are other variants and additions but this is a structure that had worked for many.

    Best regards,

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    What you can do is get an autoresponder, have a landing page that leads to an affiliate offer, and then run solo ads through the landing page. This way, you will make sales on the affiliate offer, and you can also build your list. If you do this, make sure you get a solo ads provider that guarantees conversions, not just clicks. Anyone can get you a lot of clicks, but if you don't get conversions, there's no point.
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    Right now what works best is dropshipping using shopify. This is what I would do.

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    Get a hosting and domain and use similar to your questions and post it into your website.

    "How to put $250 to good use in internet marketing?"
    “What can I do with $1000 with marketing campaign”

    Create articles and videos, then promote some affiliate products related to your title.

    Just a random suggestion lol.
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    Originally Posted by Hellome12 View Post

    I want to know other people's personal opinion in the IM world or doing any online work if you had to start out with only $250 what would you invest in ( anything online ) and what would your return be ( if you previously did this ). I would like to hear your stories!
    There are a few things you and I can do:

    1. I can run Facebook ads on whatever you like to promote be it my own products or affiliate offers since Facebook allows anyone to set a budget of as low as $3USD daily and determine how long you want your ad to run.

    2. I can outsource my work to Fiverr be it articles, ads, press releases or videos.

    3. I will also invest in Optimize Press for my landing pages and membership sites. Though there are many others like Click Funnels, Lead Pages, WP Profit Builder etc, Optimize Press - in my view - is still the best in quality even though it is the most costly.

    4. I will invest in Ink Themes for my blog. Though Optimize Press also includes blog theme, they do not have image sliders which Ink Themes do and I am good friends with the owner as regular customer and loyal subscriber.

    My return could be as high as $500 to even $1K if done correctly.

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    Domain and hosting worked for me. I bought my blog and grew a brand on a number lesser than that...during the leaner years. But I spent more as the blog expanded and simply invested money to create a brighter future.
    Ryan Biddulph, Blogger, Author, World Traveling Digital Nomad
    Retire to a Life of Island Hopping through Smart Blogging at Blogging From Paradise
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    I advise you that you cannot make a lot of money with 250$ .If i was you i was building a site with proper domain etc .I will build some backlinks and social signals and then i will start to write on it and work hard until i get succes .You can invest also in ppc or bing etc but its very risky as a beginer .Or you can also start some forex investment or bitcoin etc
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    Use it to build your list, around a topic u choose, where there are people interested in it, and in which u can add a solution for an urgent problem
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    If you have to ask, then you need to go away and research what business model you want to use. Email, content, PPC etc.

    I would not spend a penny without having a plan in place first. The very fact that you don't know where to spend it suggests that you are about to spend money on a new business with no idea of what you are going to do. Does that sound like a good way to spend money or start a new venture?

    Not to me!

    Read, learn and ask questions. Once you have a knowledge of what you intend to do, you will not need to ask where to spend the money because you will already know! Where to spend the money depends on what your objectives are and how you plan the achieve them, so no-one else can tell you what to do.

    Come up with a plan. Ask questions. Adjust your plan. Test. Repeat! Once you are happy with your plan then invest the money at the point where it is needed to make things tick!

    We are here to help, but not to tell you what to do! lol

    Ben Friedman - Affiliate Marketing Manager - Skype: benfconvergys

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    Buy a website/make a website, monitize it and drive traffic.

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    Keep in mind that asking how you should spend your money on a forum like this is somewhat akin to putting on Lady Gaga's sirloin dress and walking into a lion cage.

    Put your $250 in your pocket, then guard that pocket until you have a better idea of what you want to do.

    If your plan involves having a website, take ~$100 and secure a domain name and hosting for a year. Build a simple home base using something like Wordpress.

    If you want to dabble in paid advertising once you've locked down who your target audience is, start with a small budget. I believe Facebook will let you run a budget as small as $5/week. You won't get a ton of traffic with that small budget, but you will buy time to climb the learning curve. Once your ad campaigns are bringing in more than you are paying out, you can scale your ad spend from profits.

    Which leads to your question about how having $1,000 is different than having $250.

    It shouldn't change the approach of going slowly until you know what you're doing, but it will let you stay in the game a lot longer.
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    fb video ads, well targeted, would be good.

    0.03 per it would go far, if you know how to target. :-)

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