What are the most effective ways to promote an ebook?

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Hi everybody, Can you please give some suggestions to promote an ebook?
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    I suggest you start reading the forum. there are many ways to promote anything on the net.

    You might also try reading the website it your signature, I am sure there is great information there

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    Email marketing seems like a good choice for long term success. That way you can sell your current ebook to whoever is on your list now, write another, sell that one and the follow on ebooks... and anyone who joins your list later can be offered each one you've already created one by one over time.

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    The problem with marketing most "ebooks" is that they're priced too low to profitably use paid traffic. That leaves only "free" and low-cost traffic methods.

    Therefore... probably the easiest way to market an ebook is to start a blog based on the topic of the ebook (to attract traffic via SEO) and then sell it in the sidebar of the site.

    (Of course, there are other "free" and cheap traffic sources. However, the real question is: Can you target your specific niche market with those methods?)


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