Using Paid Auto responder vs Inbuilt Godaddy auto responder

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Why should I pay $19 per month for Aweber or a bit lower for Get Response as I could use the inbuilt auto responder in Godaddy hosting account? What are the advantages and disadvantages of either way?
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    If I were you I would go to godaddy and research all the features they have, then go to the other autoresponders and the one that has the features you want is the one you get.


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      Well Sure. I will do that. But, I was trying my luck to know whether someone used godaddy autoresponder and found it useful.
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    It's not the same thing - at least the ones I've seen weren't.

    With a hosting autoresponder you can setup emails that will go out "automatically" when you receive an email. They cannot be used as SEQUENTIAL autoresponders where you set up a full email campaign and have people signing up and the autoresponder sending a series of emails to that person, maintaining the opt in list and providing tools to track your campaign.

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      Thanks Kay King. You should be right.
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    I know nothing about godaddy autoresponder, but my #1 concern would be deliverability.

    Set up seed accounts from at least aol, hotmail/outlook, gmail, yahoo and test your inbox placement with them.

    Most autoresponders have a free trial, so it costs nothing to test.

    Plus if you plan to do email marketing, you should have seeds anyway.
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      Thanks DIABL0 - When you say inbox placement - you mean how the email sent to my test accounts are seen - no? I will surely do that. thanks.
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      I concur with D's point, Alex.

      If it is free, and not a well known provider - unlike Mail Chimp - I would be concerned that emails would wind up in junk or spam folders versus the emails you send from Aweber, Mail Chimp or Get Response.

      Not across the board, but you generally get what you pay for. Or, if you go freebie, you almost always have to deal with the trade off.

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    Go Daddy has an autoresponder add-on, but it's not free:

    The built-in "autoresponder" with Go Daddy will work more as an "automatic reply" than a true email marketing solution. When you receive an email in your inbox, you can automatically reply to it. But, as others have indicated, you can't actually run a comprehensive email marketing campaign.

    Furthermore, your typical shared hosting account has email limitations (250 per day):

    So, if you have a larger list, you won't be able to send anyways.
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    Using an independent autoresponder means you can continue to use it even after you switch domain registrars and hosting company's.

    That's kind of important.

    Don't think you'll never switch... I've done it several times.
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