Amazon marketplace and affiliate links: Do I get a commission?

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Just started with Amazon affiliate and I was wondering if a reader on my blog clicks on the link but buys the product from another seller (new & used prices) instead of the main Amazon price, will I get a commission on that sale or not?

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    This is a question you should be asking amazon or using their forum dedicated to amazon associates. And the answer is probably, but it depends on the seller. If it is a ad on amazon maybe not. but like I said. go to the amazon associates forum

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    My understanding is this; if a buyer is directed to Amazon through your affiliate link, anything they purchase from Amazon at that time will earn you commission. That's why there are so many product review sites out there.


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    Amazon has a "last click" attribution policy. If someone goes to Amazon through your affiliate link but does not buy anything and then later goes to Amazon through another affiliate's link and does buy something the other affiliate would get the commission, not you.

    Don't worry about it. Sometimes YOUR link will be the last one a customer goes through before buying.

    If you are talking about something else...

    Someone goes through your link to product xyz but then finds product xyz from another vendor, different color, used, or so forth and buys it.

    Don't worry about it. There is a 24-hour cookie for ALL the products the customer may purchase through Amazon. So in the case I cited above you will still get commissions even though the customer did not strictly buy the product from the exact link you sent them through.
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    Well i know if a seller buy a product from you then what he buys in next 24 hours you get a comision as well
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    To the best of my knowledge you DO get commissions on those sales, I have never seen any evidence to the contrary. You can look at their Terms here and you won't see any exceptions relating to Marketplace items and I am pretty sure I have been getting paid for those sales all these years.

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    Sometimes you will not, it depends on cookie technology that Amazon store on your PC then they will count to the last affiliate link clicks or not. IMO

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