How to set up a membership access page for your product Please HELP!

by Alex Motor 6 replies
Hello fellow warriors,

I am new to product creation and I just put the finishing touches on a completed video product. I would like to upload the videos to my website and protect them by having people who purchase the course log in to access the videos and other course materials. I can not figure out the best way to accomplish this. Is there a specific plugin that I need to get that will prompt users to create an account after they purchase the product?

I also would like to segregate buyers into different lists in my autoresponder depending on what they purchased (I.E. Main Product, Main product with upsell, Downsell product, or just opt-in) I am assuming that will be easy to do if I use either Warrior Plus or JVZOO for my product but im not sure how exactly to do that.

Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thank you!
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    People will probably recommend various membership site solutions to you. Most of the main ones are pretty good, it's a matter of preference. I have been using Digital Access Pass (DAP) for years, as have many other people here, it works great, does everything you mention, plus a whole lot more.

    Specifically about creating an account - DAP usually gets the customer's email address from the payment processor (e.g. Clickbank, Paypal etc.) and automatically creates an account for them, sends them the login credentials, the download link, etc. DAP keeps track of any additional products they may buy, you can drip content to them, loads of different stuff, I am sure other solutions do this too.

    The only thing that might put you off is the price - expect to spend a couple of hundred bucks, but it's a tool to grow your business, so it's well worth the investment.

    P.S. Oh and about the autoresponder, I know with DAP you can subscribe people to different say aWeber lists depending on what product they buy, but also DAP basically has an autoresponder built in, you can almost think about ditching aWeber and just using that. This internal autoresponder lets you target different segments much more easily.

    Oh, go on then, have my Storeminator Amazon price comparison plugin for free!! Click here for the giveaway thread (offer may be closed any time).

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    People will probably recommend various membership site solutions to you.
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    Thanks for the information to everybody. I am trying to decide between membermouse and DAP. I am leaning towards membermouse just because it is cheaper in the short term but I might go with the monthly subscription to DAP.
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    Have you considered a hosted solution?

    Teachable, Kajabi, Rainmaker Platform etc ?

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