What's a good way to approach relevant website owners about making an offer to their list?

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Hey all. I have a technology related course I'm getting ready to launch and would like to partner with some website owners to offering an affiliate commission for emailing their list. What is a good way to go about approaching the site owners? Is there an email template you know of?

P.S. I've read the posting guidelines, but I'm fairly new to the site so please be gentle if I post in the wrong place
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    Originally Posted by josiahmann View Post

    What is a good way to go about approaching the site owners? Is there an email template you know of?
    Using an email template will either get you ignored or flagged as a spammer by any reputable site owner. That's absolutely the wrong way to approach a potential partner.

    First, identify your target sites and spend some time getting to know them. Try to get a sense of each site's style or some particular features you can allude to in your approach. This will show that you're not just blitzing every site in the niche, but have carefully selected your target.

    Then write a personal note to the owners demonstrating that you understand what their market wants, and explaining how your course would be a good fit for their subscribers.
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    Hi Josiah, Because I'm limited on specifics of what kind of tech course you have.. here's a general idea and easy method.

    Consider contacting a vocational or tech school. Those worth their salt will have a list/data base. Determine first if their site even qualifies w traffic stats.. if no traffic no reason to contact them. Of course you also need to know they even have a list so make sure they're grabbing optins at least some way on their site.

    Check their site stats out free atsimiliarweb.com
    Also consider contacting those promoting tech schools who ARE NOT techschools..think affiliate or cpa marketers marketing tech schools who ARE COLLECTING OPT INS..

    Because they're NON schools they might be more than happy to promote for a JV split..wherea's it's possible the vocation school wants to be the resource for info. Always a possibility..never know unless you try.

    Here's a great example of what I'd consider contacting...

    Technical & Vocational School Guide

    research https://www.similarweb.com/website/t...al-schools.com

    Pick up the phone.. let them know you're serious about doing a JV.. give the first movers a serious split.. like 70-30 or 80-20 so you can get some numbers and know your sales metrics.

    Then you have RESULTS and stats you can use to approach other potential jvs with.

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    Ask them how you can help them Josiah.

    Ask them if you can comment on their latest blog post or buy their eBook and review it or buy their courses and review it. Ask them how you can help them, in any way, shape or form. Ask them how you can assist them with a Tweet or Facebook Share.

    Make it 100% about them. Not you.

    A funny thing happens: you will make more and more friends with this approach over time. Then, a week or a few weeks or maybe a month down the road, that friend may just:

    - email your offer to their list
    - interview you
    - feature you on their podcast
    - buy your product or service

    all without you even asking them. Or, with you asking, they email their list or review your product on their site or blog, at the drop of the hat.

    As a guy who gets pitched regularly, I ignore strangers 99% to 100% of the time, and sometimes junk their emails when I am feeling a bit annoyed or less compassionate.

    As a guy who has made a ton of friends over the past 8 years online, I take care of my friends 100% of the time in the best way I can. If I cannot email their opportunity or affiliate venture to my list, I will tweet their latest blog post to my 50,000 followers. I may comment on the post, adding content to it. I may buy and review their latest eBook.

    The easiest and quickest way to make "long term money" online, for the long haul, is to help a bunch of folks out without asking them for anything, for days, weeks and months. Then, 2 months down the road (which is very fast/quick, online) instead of getting your pitch emails junked (increasing the likelihood you wind up in spam folders, ensuring your emails NEVER get read), you will earn income through 1, 2 or 4 or 6 streams, just based on the recommendation of a trusted friend who loves you, who supports you and who promotes you to their trusting audience.

    This approach helps you make money at an exponential rate, over the long haul, which is how you live your dreams.

    Approach humans not looking for hand outs, but with your hands ready to support them in as many ways as possible. This is the quickest and easiest way to create something stupendous, something lasting and something really really fun, to build.

    Happy Friend Making

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      Thank you so much for this response. It is impactful and meaningful to me that you would take the time to craft such a well thought out response. It also goes a long way to proving your point. I will take this to heart.
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    You must be smart when you aproach them and you must know how to speak in your email .Also when you send an email you should not focus only on your advantages ,these people need to feel that you are helpful for them also
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    Are you running your affiliate program in-house or through one of the services like JVZOO, ClickBank or others? Have you listed your program in affiliate program directories?

    The reason I ask is because this will help potential advertisers find you. You will probably even get advertisers you never even knew of or would have found yourself. If they contact you then you know they are interested in promoting your product.
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      Good question. I've been trying to finalize the answer to that question as well as whether I'll self host the course or not. I'll take this into consideration.

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