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hi guys im new here and i need your help and opinion

i like to sell an ebook and my niche is personal development my question is how can i know the things that people like to read about that niche? what are the ways to know their needs? so i can make an e book base on it thank you guys
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    Here is an Idea
    Go to Amazon - Kindle ebooks section-
    Click on bestsellers - you are looking at the books that are selling the most-
    take a look at the description of each book you like or you feel like near your skills.
    Then you can build from there

    Good Luck
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    Register on forums related niches and see what problems people have and then you can create a book
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    bizopbost Gave you a good answer. If you are Going to write an ebook, then Amazon is your friend. Click on kindle store and then on bestsellers. to see books that are selling very well.

    Be very specific when you Choose. and Follow your passion to succeed with ebooks.

    Good Luck

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