Question of how much are people selling?

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I have the following curiosity. How many times are courses from top internet marketers like Frank Kern, Dan Kennedy are beeing sold? If it`s a 2k course obviously not everybody can afford it. But how many clients do they have per course on average? I see their net worth at about 10-20 million $ so is it safe to assume that they are selling a course to about 1-2000 people? Or is it more?
Can anyone help me with this curiosity?
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    Probably at least 2000 people, but those guys you mention have more than 1 product/service/business so don't think it all comes from 1 offer.
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      Yeah, I know they have at least 10 products. And most of them are priced at around 2k. So i`m guessing there can`t be more that would make it at around 4 million per product launch.
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    Originally Posted by bm2 View Post

    I see their net worth at about 10-20 million $
    Where did you get this valuation? How do you know it is accurate or legit?

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      There was a site i don`t remember how it`s called. That had a top 100 internet marketers. It ranked them by influence and net worth. If you pop the question in the forum someone is bound to know it. And i saw there that most of them were at around 10 million. Eben pagan had 100 million. Frank Kern 20 million Dan Kennedy the same
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    Concentrate on what you are doing... Dreaming about the "millions" others make is not going to help you or anyone else here...
    Think of how stupid the average person is, and realize half of them are stupider than that.

    ― George Carlin

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