What Are Some Good Free Traffic Sources?

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What are some good free traffic sources other than Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and Pinterest?
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    StumbleUpon, Digg, Delicious, etc. Any social network or social bookmarking site will be useful.
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    If there are no stupid questions, then what kind of questions do stupid people ask? Do they get smart just in time to ask questions?~Scott Adams~
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    Organic search engine traffic from Google, etc. is always good too, and generally pretty high quality. You will need to understand some of the basics of SEO though.

    Also, commenting/posting on different sites, blogs, forums where people share an interest in your site may help generate traffic. Just be sure your comments/posts are relevant.
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      Hadn't thought of Google; it's a pretty solid free traffic source Dana Thanks for the add.

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    Hmmm Shekenya....there are tons of those free sources out there. All rocking good too from the quality angle. Because if folks find you through free traffic sources - and you do a fine job sharing value - you will definitely be in the green, near and long term, money-wise. And traffic-wise the flow will increase over time.


    - Twitter
    - Facebook
    - G Plus
    - Forum Marketing
    - Q and A Sites (like Quora)
    - blog commenting
    - guest posting
    - LinkedIn
    - Google

    The real trick is to share helpful, valuable insights on these sites. Because the value in the sharing, or your generosity to spend 10 or 15 minutes to write a Warrior Forum response, versus a 10 second blurb, that is what draws traffic to you. The source in an of itself is worthless. The value the person provides is the traffic builder.

    I have doubled down and really intend - and have followed through - on sharing value through my blog comments, guest posts, Warrior postings and Quora postings, and within days the traffic and biz opps and other ventures seemed to find me, miraculously. Really though it's about helping folks thoroughly, not fearing that you're wasting your time, and this generous mindset helps the traffic flow through the site itself to you.

    One question: where are you directing individuals? Sure you can do a squeeze page but goodness, if you can also start blogging - minimal investment - it becomes flat out easier and easier to drive traffic, to earn credibility and to generate greater sales over the long haul.

    If you are bootstrapping and cannot spend a cent - I have been there - just focus on leveraging platforms like guest posting and blog commenting. Free traffic, using other high traffic platforms, but you want to make a serious impact through the insights you share and problems you solve, by going above and beyond to help folks.

    Happy Traffic Building.

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    you can try it:
    Facebook Messenger
    Baidu Tieba

    good luck
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    I think that any platform that provides a visitor the ability to seek out their answers through a search function can be used for traffic.

    Bare with me for a moment...

    If you look at Facebook, Google+, Pinterest, Twitter and even message boards like WF you will find they all have one thing in common.

    The ability to search for keywords even to the point of using an "exact phrase" when punctuated in the search box.

    By creating content that is relevant to what people are searching for then you can lead that traffic into your websites and funnels.

    Become knowledgeable in a niche or particular subject so that you can convey to the visitor that you are an expert and you have authority on that topic.

    Once you convey that message to the visitor they will want to know more about what you have given to them.

    If you've ever seen the movie Starship Troopers, then you might recall the silly news segments that ended in "would you like to know more?"

    That is your call to action. Always think about WHERE in your message that you would begin to shift gears to the next stage in the process that you are trying to teach to that visitor. At that point you will tell them what to do next and how to get what it is they seek.

    You can't win them all, but if you work hard enough and you cover enough subjects in your niche you will take up a ton of keyword relevant real-estate across the platforms that will start to yield results.

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    Any social bookmarking sites with high PR, DA, PA & content relevancy is best traffic source.
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    You can follow good traffic forum sites, social bookmarking and blog, article site or video sites. like stumbleupon, moz, wordpress, blogger, youtube, vimeo, pinterest, facebook, linkedin, instagram, quora, google+.

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