Good traffic but no sales

by Ricky Chua 19 replies
Hi.. I just started a new website with Aliplugin only about 3 weeks. So far i have 8507 viewers. Despite good organic traffics, i didn't get any sales yet. All suggestions or advice are welcome.
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    I think That for that kind of sites, 8507 viewers is not really enough To see Sales.
    Also , Organic traffic is good But it takes buying keywords to maximize the sales on the site.
    Good Luck
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      Actually, I disagree. The amount of traffic is one thing, the issue here is the engagement with the visitor. You need to find out in what stage of the buying process you come into the picture and what needs to happen to complete the sale.
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    Have you look at your products and services? are they relevant to your visitors? if not than you must have to rethink on your strategy. Choose a relevant product and drive targeted traffic to your website.
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    Also you have to get targeted traffic you need to think about what category of people might want to buy your product and their location.
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    I understand your concern. I'm sure you're not the only one facing this issue. True you need to re-evaluate your product and see whether you have the right targeted audience. I will assume that your views are approx 3 weeks old(based on your post).

    In this case, in order to weed out those that are not interested in your product you need to consider the following steps:

    1. Have you set up a call to action on your page to collect emails?

    2. If yes, have you set up email sequence in your autoresponder to give them more details about your product?

    3. If no, have you considered a strategy to follow-up with your viewers? Eg, chatbox, offering a free download etc..

    4. If they've not been too convinced about your product and hence did not buy, you'll be really encouraged to find out that a cool volume of sales will be generated through regular follow-up emails.

    Many say that the money is in the list. But I will say that the money is in the follow-up. Please check if you have any of the above in place. I'm sure if you you can provide them with follow-up info you'll get there.

    With 8507 views and no sales.. I'm sure there's something your audience is still missing, which I think is about more info about what your product can do for them.
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      Thanks for your valuable advice. As I'm still very new in this e-commerce business, i have not set up any chatbox or to engaged my viewers to subscribe to my site yet. But if i were to get my viewers to subscribe, i don't know what to offer as free gifts as I'm dealing with tangible products.
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    Whats the site look like and are you warming them up thru emails or just trying to sell ?
    product on the site? If you do that it probably will be a losing cause to be honest.

    Need to have more personable communications.

    - Robert Andrew
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    You should have converted something with that many views. Check your outbound traffic and ensure your affiliate links are setup. Does your AliExpress affiliate account show any affiliate clicks?

    If you are getting affiliate clicks, but no sales, you may consider the following:
    • Do your prices match AliExpress prices?
    • Are your product descriptions accurate?
    • Are your quantity requirements accurate?

    Also, don't forget, many products on AliExpress are sold as "lots." If you are promoting a Nail Manicure set for $5, the visitor may be required to buy a minimum "lot" of 20 for $100 when land on
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    There is something seriously wrong if you did not get any sales with 8500 views. Either those are not real views, you need to change your sales page, or the product is not in demand.
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    Do you have a sales funnel in place?

    I think you should have a sales funnel in your business. Did you get the email of these visitors?

    If so, are you following up with them through email marketing?

    There a few things to consider in order to make sales online...

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    you have to follow the targeted traffic. what type of product you sell you have to target that type of traffic. as like as if you have a dog tool shop you have to go there who have dog and like as dog related fb page and other social media.
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