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Hi, my fellow esteemed lady warriors, this thread is about sharing with each other, the female buyer physcology online. As in, what do we women usually purchase online? Starting from myself, i usually purchase clothings, such as branded ladies coats or scarves, recently got myself a Coach handbag, and lastly, beauty products. Fellow lady warriors, care to share your online purchases, don't be shy, and thank you for your contribution
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    I think more women purchase clothing (Chicos, Macy's, Coldwater Creek, etc) than the other product groups you listed . . .

    Just my guess :-)
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      Hi misako,

      I didn't vote in the poll, but wanted to let you know that my wife usually purchses health and beauty products online.

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    Just want to share, my girlfriend is fond of buying clothes, accessories and beauty products online almost every pay day lol
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    I buy books, clothes, shoes (I get my boots shipped from the uk...), makeup, food, pretty much everything
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      I voted clothing as well, as that is the item I would buy the most of, however, I actually would and have bought in all of those categories

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      i think a lot of ladies purchase everting in your list above but the most popular of them all has to be clothing.
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    What is up with all the "women only" posts lately?

    Guys sell to women too. Guys have women in their lives they pay attention to too. Stop putting us all in a box please.
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      Well i do buy personal development product online.

      For personal care i would have the information of the product online and than i will my self go to the store and get the product for my self.

      As far as clothing are concerened i wish to see and feel the cloth and try it before i buy.
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      Originally Posted by GuruGazette View Post

      What is up with all the "women only" posts lately?

      Guys sell to women too. Guys have women in their lives they pay attention to too. Stop putting us all in a box please.
      She wants women only because of the poll. I'd bet she is going to try a niche FOR WOMEN and wanted to know what WOMEN not men purchased online.

      It has NOTHING to do with putting someone in a box.
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    My current girlfriend buys mostly accessories online, followed by books....she's an avid reader. She also buys a lot stuff from for herself and her friends. She bought me a new blender recently since I love to make blended drinks (yes, the 21st century has arrived!).

    The ex-girlfriend actually bought a lot of clothes and make up online. She also bought a lot of perfumey things like soap, bath bubbles, some kinds of salts, spent a fortune on Mac, Kiehls, The Body Shop, and shoes!

    She also returned a lot of stuff too because it wouldn't always fit right!

    I know I'm not a woman but I figured since I date them, I'd ask them what they buy online.

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    I did not vote because I do not buy any of that stuff online.
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      Originally Posted by Shay60654 View Post

      I did not vote because I do not buy any of that stuff online.
      I see that "clothing" got the most votes. I don't buy clothing online; I want to know that something is going to fit well before I pay for it. Everybody is slightly different in shape and size from everybody else.
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    I buy as much as I can online -- because I am one of the few women who hates to shop. You need a default category of "everything."

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      In my opinion... you can't just ask "What do women buy online?". That is too general. Think about how individual and unique all women are.

      You have Mothers, Daughters, Aunts, Old Lady in the Shoe, Tween Girls, Single Mothers, Mother of 1 kid, Mother of 5 kids... Divorced women, Never been married women, Fat women, skinny women, etc, etc, etc.

      Did you have a particular type of woman you wanted to know about? That might be more accurate of a poll. Like "What do single mothers buy online?" Or "What do teenage daughters buy online?" Then you go into British Women, Asian Women, American Women, etc.
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    most of the time beauty and health products.
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    The results are quite surprising....I don't understand how people can buy clothes online when they cant even try them on (and all sizes differ from brand to brand)...oh well..that's girls for ya
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      I buy books and such online.

      I rarely buy clothes as it is, and do so locally (try on cause of different sizes and such).

      I don't wear makeup and such, so just the standard basic health/beauty products from the local store.

      I'm an "outsider" in that I'm not materialistic and don't need to have a ton of stuff (clothes, beauty products, handbags, etc). I use something until if falls apart or stops working (unrepairable).
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      Originally Posted by Ernie Lonardo View Post

      The results are quite surprising....I don't understand how people can buy clothes online when they cant even try them on (and all sizes differ from brand to brand)...oh well..that's girls for ya

      I buy my clothes online... as long as you know what size you wear in a particular brand it is easy to shop online... and it certainly beats the hell out of shopping in a store... no lines, no digging through the clothes to find your size.

      Point... click... done. Just takes minutes to do what would take 30 minutes to an hour to do otherwise... no traffic or lines to deal with.
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    I don't really buy online out of any of those categories, but I do like clothes and handbags. Beauty products I don't buy much of at all. And health products can be purchased at my local grocery store (i.e. healthy food).

    I would only buy clothing online for my kids or possibly my husband. I have to try everything on and view it from every single angle first. That said, I don't buy clothes for my kids because the grandmas buy them more than enough...not that was ask them too. Also, DH is a big boy and usually shops for himself.

    Online, I buy things that I can get from the U.S. at a better price and get shipped to our WA address. That is often books and electronics. I also look for items that aren't necessarily easy to find in a store without hunting (ex. Hallowe'en costumes, some baby items, specific book titles, etc.).

    Whenever I try to order online from a Canadian store it's a PITA (except, but they don't carry much). Either they don't have online ordering or if they do, they still call you for payment or they take too darned long to ship. I know that's a generalization, but my experience is what keeps me from shopping online. I may as well just go to a store. I would also buy groceries online if any of our retailers would offer it...but nope, they don't.


    P.S. Guess that was more information than you asked for! ;-)

    P.P.S Kathy, that was kind of harsh. :-( This was a pretty innocent post and we all know the guys will come here and give their two cents anyway. And I'm sure the OP most welcomes that.
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    Books, books and more books. I'd probably buy groceries too, if that was available. I don't think I've purchased any of the poll items online. Definitely not clothing, I want to try everything on.
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    Thought I'd just pop in and share some great info and resources...

    Right on topic...

    As marketers we Love studying women too...

    Always go to the source...

    Guys and Gals we can all Learn a thing or two!

    What Do Women Want? Just Ask

    A few of my favorites...
    Femina Web Search for Women

    M2Moms® : The Marketing-To-Moms Conference
    Marketing to Women Portal
    WonderBranding: Marketing to Women Blog
    Marketing to Women Online
    The Power Of The Purse
    Advisory Link - Assisting Women's Marketing, Selling, Recruiting, Retention, Promotion

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    Wow, those are some really cool contributions..thanx gals and guys..I guess clothings are more popular online with women, although not really for me, as well as books..i guess i missed that one in the poll.
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      I buy all of the above - although clothing and beauty products would probably come first. I also buy books, gifts, holidays - pretty much anything that can be bought online actually!
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      Putting in my word. Hands down, it's books I order online. With clothes I prefer to see and try on. Thanks for asking.
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    I apologize for my harshness everyone. I had hoped the post was made originally with the intention of doing a bit of market research, but it didn't seem worded that way to me before I had my coffee. And the past couple of weeks seems to have had a lot of "women power" type posts around, which was starting to get under my skin.

    I've built websites catering to women for years because they generally do the buying, so yes there are a huge range of things they'll purchase online. I've sold regular household stuff like chandeliers and tables, to gardening stuff like flowers and trees. I've also sold lots of mailboxes, birdhouses, and statues.

    In other areas, handbags and shoes are extremely popular sellers with women, as is the beauty and body care, makeup, and hair care products. As many have mentioned: clothes are a big seller too, but as either an affiliate or a retailer you will find that both clothing and shoes have high return rates because of the fitting issues. Some women will actually buy multiple colors/sizes and try them out, then return the ones that don't work. They do this with area rugs for the house too

    Hobby related stuff is great too. I've personally sold (and bought) crochet related stuff like patterns and yarns for years, and many women also buy their knitting and sewing materials online too.

    On the personal level I'm like others here who hate to shop, so if I can buy it online I do I also live in a very remote small town, so finding anything around here is a challenge.

    I restock my herbal supplies once or twice each year from an online store because I don't like GNC. I buy from Victoria's Secret once every year or two because that's one of the rare places I can still find bodysuits.

    I also buy tons of books: audio and print, business supplies and office furniture too. I even bought my lawn mower online a month or two ago I bought my Tablet PC online, my camera and all it's accessories, all my studio equipment, my dog's favorite toys, my husbands robe and pajamas, the list is almost endless. I do all my Christmas shopping online too, and my husband's mother does most of hers online too.

    Hope that helps,
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    "None of the above"

    I buy all of those things in stores; they aren't the kinds of things I would buy online, because I really need to see them in-hand to check colors, contents, make sure it hasn't been tampered with or expired, etc. etc. In the case of clothing, it has to be tried on, otherwise you don't know if it will fit right. The most gorgeous thing on a hanger usually looks like utter crap when you try it on. :p

    What do I usually buy online?

    Books, software, computer parts. And not for business stuff either -- the books are self-improvement or medical-type stuff; the software and computer parts are usually to upgrade or fix my Mom's computer.

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      I haven't bought any of those items online because I enjoy shopping offline for those too much.

      My online purchases have been books, games, toys, holidays, software and a pack of Heinz beans once for my brother who lived in California and missed them. My most recent purchase was a Dyson vac - cheaper online than local shops.
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    I am not comfortable buying stuff online where i can't touch or feel the fabric, or view the color in sun-light. It's ok for accessories though and have made couple of purchases on the net.

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    I never buy clothes online - I have to try stuff on. But here's what I buy a LOT of:

    Books for myself and my kids and for projects I do
    Electronics - from video games to systems to iPods for my kids and husband
    Contacts (there's an affiliate program for 1-800 contacts)
    Clothes for my husband (sports gear)

    Hope that helps!
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    Books, books books about personal development and spicing up marriage

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    I voted clothing. The health products were a close 2nd.
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    I voted health products because I am on a binge with **** and Goji juice this year.

    However I wish you had a 'just about everything' category because other than groceries and gas, I buy just about everything online.

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