Promote Frontend product OR blog?

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For my ezinearticles, should I promote my:

1) Front end product website OR
2) My blog website

I'm trying to pick one and don't know which is a
better strategy?

Which one is better to PROMOTE for your ezines, youtube, etc?

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    I usually start with blog.. Get more reader into your site before launching my first front end.. Why it is important? I want my subscriber to trust me more before they buy something from me.
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    Why not do both?
  • Profile picture of the author Christopher R Everson
    Squeeze page --> Landing page to pre-sell --> sales letter for attempted sale --> exit grabber for salvaged sale (i dont care if you hate them, they freaking work) or signup --> autoresponder for down the line

    Lots of stuff you could do, only split testing will tell you the best method, but thats the generic one that always seems to work.
  • Profile picture of the author BJ Min
    ya...but should you promote your BLOG or FRONT END PRODUCT???

    if you have to choose one...i want to know which one is better...

    BJ do you get a free exit grabber script??? what's a recommended one?
  • Profile picture of the author Christopher R Everson
    You should use the blog to pre-sell the the front end product.

    Write a review of the front end product, on the blog. You might want to put adsense on the blog, you may not, generally I wouldn't, its just more chances to lose the sale.

    If you can write decent and have basic copy writing principals down, it shouldn't be hard to get someone excited enough after reading your blog, to want to go check out the product.

    More important though, is what happens before your customer hits your sales page, and what happens after they leave.

    You wanted your customer excited to buy, then excited to buy more. Easier said than done, but keep that in mind.

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