What to do when you have NOTHING?

by adcnet 55 replies
Right now I have nothing.

I have done well online in the past but hit a bad time.

I am on Fiverr. I have also given away websites here and Software.

My main income was from selling SEO on other forums for years but clients have dried up.

I have never saved money and I should have.

I want to launch a product on WSO but need funds to do so.

Fiverr is saturated! I can get views but no sales and I'm selling SEO and BOTS so I know my services are good.

I can build Bots using UBOT or do SEO onpage backlinks build Amazon Niche sites that Rank on Page #1

Build eCommecre stores and Expert at PPC.

I know people here are in the same situation as me.

I know the recommended get a Job or write articles will be advice.

Also Upwork or Freelancer sites are same as Fiverr saturated and again they make you pay for proposals I mean what!!?

Not enough that they make percentage of your income.

You are up against hundreds of people on those sites I've done it and I've got a pretty good CV and set of skills and I got no HIRES.

Most people hiring want CHEAP from far east.

It's crazy.

I think we all want something that makes money now in a day and it's doable with a service not affiliate marketing or Amazon or building a list that all takes time.

Ive branded and sold a product on Amazon so I can also give people advice on this or put it in a Report on How to do it.

I'm hoping to help people and help myself.

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      Thanks to everyone who pushed me in this post and gave me advice. I really appreciate it.

      It helped to motivate me into finding something I can do and make a living from.

      I have since taken action and created a niche business which is Installing Worpress.

      Its new so its all about marketing now but I hope to grow it into a bigger service.

      Thank you all!
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    Originally Posted by adcnet View Post


    I want to launch a product on WSO but need funds to do so.

    Fiverr is saturated! I can get views but no sales and I'm selling SEO and BOTS so I know my services are good.

    I can build Bots using UBOT or do SEO onpage backlinks build Amazon Niche sites that Rank on Page #1
    Thats one of the main problems. You are doing and offering the kind of SEO that does not pay - affiliate/marketers SEO. Most people are not making much money hence do not want to pay anything. Meanwhile the companies and businesses that pay don't want to touch bot SEo with a ten foot pole anymore because it can ruin their business and rep.

    Most people hiring want CHEAP from far east.
    Again you are talking about IM SEO. The average small to mid size business person is paying hundreds of dollars in advertising and is used to paying hundreds to thousands of dollars for it.

    You are up against hundreds of people on those sites I've done it and I've got a pretty good CV and set of skills and I got no HIRES.
    Then skip that route. You have millions of sites at your finger tips (Google). Sites that are not ranking and for obvious reasons. Contact them directly in a creative way.

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      Thank you Mike.

      You misunderstood me I don't build SEO Bots.

      I need to get a grip and contact second page Google rankings like you said although I feel lots of Indiana co panties have probably hammered this.

      I know this because I would receive on average 2-3 emails a day telling me they can rank my site.
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    The question I have is why you don't do what you claim you can do.

    Everyone and his brother "sells SEO" these days. Why aren't you building and optimizing Amazon sites either for income or to sell - why aren't you selling your Amazon product or creating more to sell? If you are great at backlinks and SEO - why haven't you built money making sites for yourself over the years you've been working online?

    ...and...how smart is it to have a signature (affiliate?) that claims

    See how I make over $7,293 a month from home doing REAL online jobs!

    Stop falling for the "get rich quick" scams! I'll show you how you can make REAL money online.
    Don't get me wrong - I'm sorry you are having a rough time but just reading your story it's not hard to see why that's happening to you. If you want your fortunes to change - YOU have to make changes in what you are doing.

    Offering a service is a great way to get income flowing - but over the long term you must turn the 'service' into a real 'business' for it to survive. That includes money management - expanding your reach and target market - adding to your services - having proven results you can show prospects, etc.

    Saving one dog may not change the world - but forever changes the world of one dog.

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    Ive branded and sold a product on Amazon so I can also give people advice on this or put it in a Report on How to do it.
    Why don't you do just that? Write an ebook on how to do seo and sell at a reasonable price. There is always someone out there who wants to learn from the guy who has been there.
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    Hi adcnet,

    After reading your post it seems clear to me that you have focused your business model around the lowest paying tasks in the marketing industry. Sure, those skills are needed, but they are a commodity that is filled primarily by some of the lowest paid work staff on the planet. Heck, even a "bot" can be trained to do much of it.

    Prices in a free market are determined by supply and demand. When you have an oversupply in the market it tends to drive the prices down. We do indeed have an oversupply for all of those skills mentioned in your post.

    Your skill set, while in high demand during the 2000 to 2008 period, seems to be centered on low paying tasks that are almost a commodity at this point in time. As a commodity, you must supply it in very high volume and at exceptionally lower cost than the majority of your competitors to make a go of it.

    With so many competitors, willing to work for peanuts, you need to find a way to increase the perceived value, and real value, of what you offer. Or, move on to something else that is in high demand.

    Building a business isn't merely about making an income, it is more about building asset value than income. It may be too late for you at this point, but shift towards growing the value of your business, especially the long term value of your business assets if you want to break free of the Sisyphean treadmill that you seem to be on. Sure, a bot can ease the burden of a Sisyphean-like process, but at the end of the day, you have not built any long term value, you don't really have a viable business, just a temporary job.

    It all begins with setting SMART goals that advance you down a path of building long term value, and viability. Set a worthwhile goal, that focuses on building your asset value, and cull any activity that isn't propelling you toward that goal. That is how your get started, your resourcefulness, and intensity of focus, will determine how you finish up.


    Don Burk
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      Hi Don,

      You're right I should be focusing on a premium product as that's where I should be now instead of looking at the lower end of marketing having to compete for peanuts.

      I have been in this for over 10 years and been successful but I've hit this point in life its just all gone. Things were easier now they're not.

      How did I do it before has stayed the same but how and what I sell online has to change now and you have given me some clarity to move forward in a positive way.

      I have been becoming more and more disillusioned with life and business online.

      Thank you for your quality advice Its much appreciated
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    What are you going to do about it?

    Master Of The Universes

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      Going to make a plan first do research on what market I should target with my skill set.

      I do have other skills that are not mentioned here.

      I feel happy about the fact is should be a high end product as I am sick of trying to compete against lower end freelancer gigs online.
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      Originally Posted by cjsparacino123 View Post

      What are you going to do about it?

      Lmao, that's an Al Pacino line from Glengarry Glen Ross.
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    Seeing way too much of this these days. It's getting tougher to compete. Finding that freelancers are considering getting W-2 income (gasp).
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    hey there

    It appears you've done it all online...
    .Dont tell me all contacts are dried up
    I can hear cry the me baby in your
    the same niche does does not work all the time..you have to adjust......
    so why not just tweak your existing business and get out there start promoting again..
    you dont need money to promote..
    start with fb groups and classified ads
    Dont take this personal , but its the honest truth...you've done it all before
    and have a wealth of experience
    just go out there and apply that experience with another niche
    talk soon
    sam f
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