What Sites Can Generate Leads For You.

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I need adult-content CPA leads but i don't want to start a campaign to put up landing pages, banners, ads, and such which know one will ever know if it will work. I rather pay someone or company to generate leads for me and tell me what's the time frame. CAN"T FIND ONE ON THE NET. NOT ONE! Its crazy to me. Im not saying the model doesn't work but i'm saying there is always an easier way of doing things. And that is hiring or buying a service that can generate leads for you for any content or any affiliate that get out of doing it yourself. But I can't find any. Do you know any? CPA leads. Not B2B or B2C.Talking the leads that signup and that signup that puts dollars in Pocket. THose leads. What sites sells them.
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    Just need a few sites that i can buy CPA leads from.
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    Originally Posted by Malachi Thompson View Post

    . . . Talking the leads that signup and that signup that puts dollars in Pocket. THose leads. What sites sells them.


    Could you be putting too much emphasis on CPA-bound leads?

    It's not the lead source that gives you sign-ups and puts dollars in your pocket. It's all up to you and the expertise you have in creating offers that are compelling and that will make you money. Any lead you get is a potential sale . . . and yes, there are many sites that will sell you leads.

    Have you searched the forums for threads on this very subject? There are lots of them.

    Good luck,


    Steve Browne, online business strategies, tips, guidance, and resources

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      Do you know any sites that sell leads? Because i'm the kind of guy that leaves the technical stuff to the techies. I can't do a PPC campaign, or PPV campaign. I don't know what the end result will be. I'm the money guy. I pay you, you give me a receipt, a week later you tell me its complete. I just need someone who can sell me leads that's all. help me out.
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    There are no services that can generate leads for you for "any content". If it's some small niche, it probably won't be cost effective.

    There are services that you can get for CPA verticals that are popular / have some volume.

    What verticals are you looking for?
    Fresh or legacy data?
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    It really comes down to your experience / resources.

    You can buy legacy (aged) data in bulk very cheap. However, it is far more complicated to send, as you need special tools / resources to do profitably. Which the costs all add up quickly and outside of many marketers budget or comfort level.

    Fresh data is more expensive but far less complicated to send and can be done on a smaller budget.
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      Who do you know that sells these fresh leads?
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        I tell you diablo. I just wish there was site that said Ok, you pay $499 we get you 200 CPA leads in a week for your affiliate link. That simple. Can't find one like that.
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