GMail messages not arriving

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I have a GMail account I use for testing deliverability of my mailing lists.

Over the past several days, I have sent a few broadcast emails which arrived in all of my accounts OK except my GMail account. They aren't in the spam folder, they just never seem to have arrived. At the same time, my autoresponder messages from the same account arrived OK.

Has anybody else experienced this and does anyone have any idea what could cause it?
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    The same thing arrived to me a few time. It happend sometime. Try it again and it will work. It worked for me, why not for you.


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    Thanks Hugo,

    I just tried again and the mail came through. Not the ones from the last three days though. They seem to have gone to that big electron round-up in the sky.

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    Hey Bob it happens from time to time. But I wouldn't worry about it. You probably just lost a heap of Traffic Fusion spam...or should that be "desired and requested useful, valuable information pertaining to the upcoming launch of the soon to be popular marketing application Traffic Fusion

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    I just got a call from a customer this morning actually. He'd been sending me email for 2-3 days and I had no idea. Turns out it was being sent to me from gmail. No clue where it disappeared to, but soon as he sent from his main/regular email it came in without problem.
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    I have also had some problems with them lately, starting a couple of weeks ago. I thought it had something to do with some upgrades they are doing in their system, and incompatibility with my browser. I have IE6. Their blog says they updated their system to run with IE6, as long as you have all the updates and patches on it that are the most current stuff. I figured I do not have all that stuff. Their new changes were even freezing up my computer.

    Then I found out that some of my emails during that time period were not being delivered, even when my computer was not frozen.

    So I just clicked the button in my gmail accounts to use the basic html. I don't have all the nice features now, but at least it seems to be working again. Perhaps you can try that.

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      Originally Posted by ibringjoy View Post

      So I just clicked the button in my gmail accounts to use the basic html. I don't have all the nice features now, but at least it seems to be working again. Perhaps you can try that.

      thanx - i'll do that. also have regular problems with emails "disappearing" when sent from my gmail box.
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    Thanks Kathryn,

    I'm using Firefox on a Mac, but I'll give it a try.

  • Profile picture of the author Bob Stovall
    I actually only use GMail, Yahoo, Hotmail, AOL, etc. to test that my emails are coming through. 99% of my mail goes through my own email accounts at my own domains and I never have deliverability or hacking issues with them.
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    I use gmail all the time and have never heard of that. The tests I send from get response seem to work ok.
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      I am a fan of all google products but this is now crunch time

      I have 2 gmail accounts and from what I can see 70 percent of emails over the week have not arrived This is serious They are working on it but if it is not resolved that is me out for good Nobody can live with that or people will think one is incompetent
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    sent a test for a broadcast.. didn't receive it in gmail.. but received on own domain mapped on gmail
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    Gmail seems to have this problem with me too...

    I use four different autoresponder companies and it happens with all of them... but only to my Gmail testing accounts...

    Gmail has gone berzerk! Ever since the spam filter update its harder and harder to get emails through to my customers using Gmail...

    I actually get emails from customers saying they haven't received any emails since they purchased or didn't receive their bonuses and it is ALWAYS from Gmail accounts...

    So my suggestion - stay away from Gmail and ask your customers to use a non-gmail email or at the very least white list your email (which still does not guarantee Gmail will deliver it)...

    Hope this helps
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    I still use gmail ,it did have any issues about the hack or other question.

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