Just a Stupid Outlook Question

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I have several accounts set up in Outlook Express. I have no problems receiving any mail and I can send it out with no problem except for one of them.

When I try to send from that account it gives me this error:

Your server has unexpectedly terminated the connection. Possible causes for this include server problems, network problems, or a long period of inactivity. Subject 'subject of email', Protocol:SMTP, Port 25, Secure (SSL): No, Error Number:0x800CC0F

Why is this happening. I can receive with this account fine and there are other accounts in outlook getting and putting from the same server! Has been happening for a few weeks now. I have to go in and change the "from" address everytime I want to send a mail from this address/account.

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    Does the server require authentication to send messages? There is a checkbox in Outlook for this.
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      As Chris says, it could be something small like not ticking that box for that account when it's ticked for all the others, but it would have had to have been like that to start with. As far as I remember, you have to click on a button to get to that bit, so it would be easy to overlook.If it's something that's happened suddenly then I can't see how it could've unticked itself.

      Outlook can be odd though. A friend of mine can't email me from his address book anymore (although he can still email his other contacts that way). My address appears in the address bar and the e-mail departs when sent but never arrives. Yet when he types the address in directly, the e-mail turns up every time. That is not at all the logical way that computers are (allegedly!) supposed to be.
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    I actually had that happen to me a few years back, but other than chiming in with "I've seen that before" I can't help you as I can't remember the cause and the cure.

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