How to track my affiliate sales

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As an affiliate, is there a way I can track the origin of affiliate sales from multiple sources?

I started with one site, but as I have grown, I have now expanded to several sites & blogs all targeting the one affiliate program.

Sales have increased, but I have no idea which site or blog produced the sale?

Are there any recommendations on how to track which site produced the sale?

Thanks in advance

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    Ok, I've done a bit of research, and at the moment, I have found 3 (albeit clumsy) ways...

    1. Use a different affiliate account for each source.

    2. For each source, using a different presell page for the product and offer a bonus gift if customers order from your affiliate link and mails me after purchase.

    3. Use frames to redirect to the merchant order form (as long as the merchant does not break out of frames).

    Any other ideas? Software?

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    I think most merchants allow tracking codes... without a code you could still track it I suppose but it would get pretty complicated pretty fast.

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