Any of you guys sell ADS in your ezine??

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Well, the trend now days is that you'd JV with other people rather than sell ad space in your ezine. It's really hard to find good ezine to advertise in these days, other than Jim Daniels, Allan Gardyne, WilsonWeb and SitePoint, that is.

If you have the budget, of course you can buy ads in those e-newsletter. But if you are starting out, it's almost impossible to find ad space in a good ezines.

So I am throwing this question out, trying to find any ezine publishers who are willing to sell ads in their ezine. Or maybe you know some place where an aspiring marketer can buy spend a small amount of money for some ezine ads..

Alright... let's get the ball rolling...
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    See my sig. My newsletters have subscribers totaling over 600,000 buyers and we can target mailings for your specific product or service
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    your signature link doesn't work!
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    Hey, thanks. I never fixed my sig ever since WF moved to VBulletin.

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