I've got a question for php coders too...

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Hi Everyone,

I'm developing a php script and would like to have it "phone home" (notify me) whenever it is installed on a site.

Is this possible? Are there any issues/problems that I should be aware of?

Appreciate any input.

Phil Craig
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    Yes. Very possible.

    Make sure it doesnt do something when it cant call home AND make sure that if it cant ever call home, you might want to have it stop trying.
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    A little known DLGuard feature can help you out with this too.

    DLGuard has a Query feature that allows your phone home script to send your customer's details to it, and it will check to see if this person is in fact an owner of that software and make sure they haven't refunded, and will then send the results back to your script.

    This will cut down considerable costs of having this script created for you, and will also help manage the actual sales and distribution of your script.

    I hope this helps!


    P.S. DLGuard's site is: DLGuard - Download page protector, create expiring download links

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