Can we block people here?

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Can anyone tell me if there is a way to block specific members here?

Not to stop them posting, but to stop their posts showing up on my computer screen.

I love the Warrior Forum, but one or two people are simply creating too much noise to signal to make my limited time worth spending here. Blocking them so I can get on with reading useful posts would be a blessing.

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    Hi Martin,

    Yes sir, I believe there is an "ignore" block feature in your control panel.

    I may be mistaken because I haven't used it, but I have heard other members mention they have used it.

    Hope this helps and that you get it sorted.
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      Right, I just found it. Thanks Doug and Tom.

      Only problem is that it blocks the individual's posts, but not any thread that he/she has started, so it only half solves my problem.

      Still, I guess I can do that level of ignoring for myself!


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