£650 by the end of september?

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right, school trip to china which the deadline is end of this September. I seam to of hit a mental blockage with all my businesses so thought until it clears i should concentrate on internet marketing.

I have a few sites up...not doing particularly well but im working my A$$ of on them.

What do you recommend i should do,try? i am a web developer/designer also so if anybody needs some work doing i can be of assistance

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    You need a signature. In your signature, advertise you design websites and state some low prices. You will receive responses.

    Alternatively, do a WSO advertising your web design services. It will be pouring in cash. I even want to learn web design so I can earn some good offline income!
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      yes advertise your services better exactly what u can offer & prices too, you should be able to generate good business. good luck.

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