Do you think this is a good idea!?

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If there was an "Ultra-cool", extremely informative magazine for IM, what articles or columns would you like to see exposed/discussed? What is everyone missing?

FYI- If you would be interested in writing for this magazine, send me a PM. Yes that's right I am putting together the real-deal... A magazine for the internet marketer! Cool huh? and it'll be viral!


P.S. If the post reaches 300 replies I will give WF a free add in each issue for a whole year!
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    Would you prefer it in print or digital format?

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    Since most of the "gurus" are already doing this, it obviously is a good idea. IMers are paying a monthly fee to receive these.

    Have you seen Brunson's. It's printed as a magazine, with thick, glossy cover stock in full color.

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      I haven't seen Brunson's but I have seen Filsaime's and Kerns. Which do not look very professional.

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      Hey George,

      As Don said, most gurus are already doing it....

      You would have to ensure that your mag was really good to stand
      out from the crowd....

      I'm just about to cancel a subscription to a guru's mag for the
      following reasons:
      - the content is not that good
      - it's too expensive for what you get
      - I can get the same, if not, better advice and help here at
      the forum....


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    Hey George,

    Great idea. I would like to see ideas that can be implemented immediately in order to increase conversion, sales, traffic, etc. So basically strategies and technique that we can instantly plug into our business and test the results.
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    I'd like to see something that covers success stories with unusual products or methods - you know the sort - when someone takes a little known product from Clickbank or whatever and markets it with resounding success. Only thing is I doubt people would share this success with others so it may be difficult to get contributions.

    Price range - low cost would be nice, in the $20 range.

    Just my tuppence worth - I wish you success with your new magazine.
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      This sounds a great idea.

      I assume you would be including all the usual SEOand marketing tips, but would you also being doing reviews on the countless opportunities that come along daily? Advising unbiased reviews on which ones to avoid and which ones genuinely work?

      This to my mind iswhat every "Newbie" is crying out for! an HONEST mag.

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    Don't think people will pay anymore than a regular magazine of about $5 an issue.
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    I think this is a great idea, but there are already a ton of membership sites out there that almost deliver the same thing. If you will sell it for a small amount and wont require to subscribe then people test it.

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      I am think a yearly membership at $97 with a viral rebrander for affiliate links. There would also be unlimited access to a number of other professionally produced viral magazines that people could use for list building and re-brandable affiliate offers to their list.

      How does that sound?


      Would you subscribe?
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    I think it's a great idea and if you need some content, just let me know. PM me for my specialty.

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      Thanks Bill. I'll send you a PM

      Also, there is a section in each magazine for new products that have been released in the IM niche. If you want to submit your product, please send me a PM.


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