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Anybody got any good recommendation of software that can build adsense friendly website fast and easy?

The website builder do not need to have sophisticate build-in features like flash, auto ping, RSS features etc.

The only few requirements needed are
  • fast and easy for mass building
  • build in template for you to choose
  • able to add pics and word and you are ready to publish
The one i am currently using is Incomedia website X5 but is not quite satisfied with it.
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    G`day wizlor,

    this may fit the bill for you quite nicely, very easy to use and fast, can
    put images in and there`s extra templates. You can also create your OWN
    templates to use with this so footprint isn`t a worry.

    Flip Sites Buddy

    There`s a Lite version available to "try before you buy" found on this page
    to ... the sidebar on the right hand side ... won`t take you long to know if
    it`s suitable anyway.

    Trial Flip Site Buddy

    PM me if you`d like a few examples of created sites or any questions ...

    Christopher J.
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    I think the easiest site builder I've ever used is PLR Site Builder (Build Content-Rich Websites In A Flash!). Works with both Mac and Windows. Creates very simple sites (that are ugly from an aesthetic perspective) but you can crank out a ton of website extremely easily. And the nice thing is that you can integrate both Adsense and Affiliate Products relatively easily.

    All you need to do is have the content ready in .txt format and any images that you want.

    Another option for a site builder for Adsense type sites that's a bit more complex is HyperVRE. I found it a bit cumbersome to edit the templates with various tokens, but it offers more flexibility.

    If you're looking for something more robust, you can't go wrong with Xsite Pro. Easy to use, but will take a lot longer to set up a site than PLR Site Builder or HyperVRE (in my opinion).

    Hope this helps,

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