Lipsync - Are you walking your talk?

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Hi Warriors,

I was thinking about some things for a book I'm writing and one of them really hit home as something that you guys might also want to consider.

In the video industry there's a techy thing called lipsync which you'll have experienced as a viewer when it gets out of wack - i.e the classic kung fu master mouth moving and words coming out later.

While I was thinking about this it was part of an analogy I was considering for when peoples words are not in-line with their actions.

In psycho-speak this body language stuff is called congruence - having all of your systems saying the same thing in harmony.

Well, as IMers most people tend to have very grand ideas about how they see their future and the things they want in it.

So, consider this:

Are you walking your talk?

Are you actually doing the things which you say are important to you?

Are you really going that extra mile for your business?

Are you telling others and yourself that you're an Internet Marketer - but actually behaving like someone who is just dabbling, or not taking it seriously?

Many warriors post here about the reasons that IMers often fail to get started, and usually there's one thing that comes up - not taking focused action.

So, check your schedule and see whether you're really walking your talk. Are you spending the time you know you should on your business or do other things seem to keep getting in the way, does that TV call to you when you know you should be working?

I think we all have stages where we're not being as effective as we can, so I think occasionally doing a lipsync check might be a great thing for us.

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  • Profile picture of the author Roy Carter
    Hi Andy - timely advice.

    In my case though, it's not the TV that keeps calling, it's the lure of the beach!

    Sometimes sitting inside with the air-con blasting away while the sun is shining and the beach is calling (not to mention a cold glass of beer and a cuban cigar) is tough to deal with.

    What I have to do is focus like hell and then reward myself with a day or two on the beach.

    • Profile picture of the author Andyhenry
      Roy - I have the same thing - I'm in Singapore with a nice big pool and the beach right at hand
  • Profile picture of the author Amy Bass
    Although I am not always as productive as I could be. I do seem to waste some time in forums....

    I get quite a bit done and I am very action orientated, which is a big plus. If I spend more time "Doing It" than "Thinking About It" it always turns out better for me.

    Sometimes over-analyizing things or daydreaming can really take a toll.
    • Profile picture of the author Andyhenry
      Originally Posted by Amy Bass View Post

      If I spend more time "Doing It" than "Thinking About It" it always turns out better for me.
      that's great advice for most people

      "Also, the more out of whack your words and your actions are the more
      stress and imbalance you'll experience in life."

      Those are wise words Shaun..
  • Profile picture of the author Shaun OReilly
    Lipsync - I like that term.

    For me, integrity is an important value and part of that is doing what
    I say I will do. Now it doesn't always happen of course but I do my
    best to walk my talk.

    I'm reminded of phrase by the motivational speaker Les Brown who
    says "You can't talk right and walk left." So true.

    Often when people are giving advice, they are silently telling themselves
    what they need to do.

    Also, the more out of whack your words and your actions are the more
    stress and imbalance you'll experience in life.

    So have a lipsync test and check that you're not like a Kung Fu movie
    star :-)

    Best wishes,


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