Can you make good money from selling advertising?

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I have a question for those who have newsletters and ezines:

I sell advertising spots in my newsletter. I can actually make a few hundred a month from it when all of my spots are filled. (I limit the number of ads per newsletter.)

Still, it's not a full-time income, and I don't see it as being able to produce a full-time income.

Is there anyone here that makes more than, say, $2000 a month simply from selling ad space in a newsletter or an ezine? If so, can you share how you got to that point?
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    Shay, I can't answer that from personal experience, but I can pass along that of someone I know. I don't have permission to reveal details, but here's what I can say...

    This person operates multiple lists in a few large related niche markets. They sell ads on a CPM basis, rather than on insertions. No one list provides a full-time income, but on a cumulative basis, they do quite well.

    Not much help, but at least it's a start...

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