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I am someone who is trying to get started as an affiliate marketer as I see the potential for me to finally gain the financila freedom I have been looking for. I have read books by Chris Rempel, Kevin Riley and MR Brown all great reads by the way and highly informative.

Here is my problem each talks about market research and choosing niches to market to and everything they say makes sense. Everything else in the books makes perfect sense and I have no problem with putting all of that into place, but for some reason the market research and choosing niches is just totaly hanging me up. Obviously I want high traffic niches or niches that are following a hot trend. Maybe I just don't understand how to use transparent markets like EBay or Amazon to figure this out. So anybody got any ideas for a dinosauer like me so that I can move forward?

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    Greg - Don't try and reinvent the wheel. Look for products to promote that are already selling well in a given niche. As for niche selection, get some ideas about hot niches by checking out Clickbank, Amazon non-fiction best sellers, etc.

    Very basic advice but you really don't need to be overcomplicating things at this stage.

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      Well, I can eliminate one for you at least - and that would be the "how to make money online" niche.

      It is easier to start with a niche you are either passionate about or have had personal experience with. Can you narrow it down to 3? Finding products you like can be a snap after that.
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    I think the problem is that you're getting hung up on the technicalities of this.

    Stop thinking keywords and start thinking accessible markets.

    You have a lot of options available as an affiliate marketer so don't think you have to rely on search engine traffic.

    For example - go to Youtube and see what's popular and getting views. Go to Twitter Search and see what's hot on Twitter, pay attention in your local area (listen to the radio, read the papers) and get a feel for what people that you can access are actually interested in.

    Finding products will be the easiest part of the puzzle.

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      Gregg, great to see you posting here.

      I think most people look at Amazon and Ebay to see what is already selling. What topics are hot. You can also look at your favorite bookstore magazine shelf for ideas. There are a lot of them and I think that is your problem. Don't worry, we all get overwhelmed at first. Well most of us. I still don't think Andy has ever been overwhelmed. hehe

      I like to take a problem like this and break it down into more pieces. IF there is a particular niche you are interested in or you feel will have potential than look for forums, magazines, check out Amazon and see what types of books are selling, Ebay and so on. That should give you an idea on what is selling.

      Once you understand what is selling you can then look for competitive products. I am talking about the successful ones. Analyze how they are selling, mainly what their sales funnel is.

      Implement based on your research.
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    Gospel according to Travis Sago:

    "First find a hungry crowd"

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    What I've learned is that choosing your first niche is more about mindset. Here is a copy of my latest blog post...

    -----------start blog post-----------------------

    Pick a Niche, Any Niche

    Don’t spend all of your time looking for the perfect niche, market or product to sell. Don’t look for the best niche. Don’t even spend too much time looking for a good niche. You could easily end up waiting for months trying to figure out what a good niche is.

    Those months could turn into years if you don’t give up first. This was another big mistake I made when I started to learn Internet marketing. I wanted to KNOW that I would make money in the niche or market before I spent my time working on it.

    So many newbies say that choosing their first niche is the hardest part of learning Internet marketing and it is what is holding them back. I completely understand because it held me back for longer than I care to admit. Then I learned the cold hard truth. It’s almost impossible for a newbie to choose a niche that they know will be profitable because they don’t have the experience or confidence to know what will work for them.

    And if you expect someone to tell you what their successful niche is you might as well ask them for their bank account numbers and what their passwords are. It ain’t going to happen. So then, how do the people who are successful at affiliate marketing figure it out? Their desire to make money was greater than their fear of wasting their time. They took chances and learned by trial and error.

    There are people who are successful in almost every niche. So what does this tell you? It should tell you that choosing a niche is not as important as learning how to sell to that niche. This is a skill you will learn by practicing. Selling stuff online is mainly about one thing… SELLING.

    ----------end blog post-----------------------------

    So, I feel that getting started is more about mindset. Just choose a niche that you are interest in and one where people are already spending money. Next you need to learn and practice your basic marketing skills.

    Here is something else to think about. A successful marketer could tell you his best niche and just because she is successful doesn't necessarily mean you will be. Here's proof of that. I'll tell you a niche that I know for a fact that some people are making easily over $1000 per day. It's ringtones, but unless you have highly developed skills you will probably not make any money in that niche. Another niche is the Forex markets.

    I could go on and on, but the bottom line is just pick something and start learning the basics. As you develop your skills you will start to feel much less overwhelmed and more confident in your ability to choose niches.

    John P

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