Which Marketing Guru to work with?

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I'm a little new at IM - I have my website going (Anti aging) and am starting to get hits but I have a long way to go. I'm always looking for good advice - who is the best marketing guru for advice on getting my Anti Aging website revved up?
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    Maybe a bit abstract.. but I would recommend

    Tom Peters
    Robert Waterman
    Dr. Edward Demming
    and one of my favorites Sun Tsu
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      If I had my choice of working with anybody, just to pick their brains, this
      would be my list in no particular order.

      Paul Myers
      Willie Crawford
      Allen Says
      Big Mike
      John Taylor
      Andy Henry
      Jason Moffatt

      These are all people who don't work half as hard as I do and are at least
      twice as successful.

      Those are the kind of minds I'd love to have access to for just 7 days.
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    A friend of mine recently loaned me a copy of Mike Filsaime's Butterfly Marketing Manuscript. It had a lot of great information and tips that I ended up using for a few of my projects (I'm working on a few eBooks myself).

    Besides him, I'd like to meet Joe Robinson and pick his brain on a few eBook writing techniques.
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    I'd recommend Willie Crawford, Frank Kern, and The Rich Jerk LOL

    Just playing...I'd recommend MY DAMN SELF over everybody, though
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    Originally Posted by Steven Wagenheim View Post

    Originally Posted by Aging View Post

    who is the best marketing guru for advice on getting my Anti Aging website revved up?
    Paul Myers

    John Taylor
    <-------(Trying to fight the urge...CHANTING INTERNALLY: "respect your elders, respect your elders, respect your elders")

    Anyway, how about Susan Lucci?

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