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Is it ok to put unique articles on your website and then the same articles on article directory? So my article is now on two different places, do search engines still look at them as unique articles?
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    The article directories may consider this duplicate content when you submit your articles.

    As far as the SEO aspect my perspective is that the more unique each article is on web real estate the better it is for your site.

    However with some of the world's largest authority sites using RSS feeds it's obvious that duplicate articles is not going to kill your rankings since you are the original source of the articles.

    Frank Bruno
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      So I should submit them to article directory first before I put them on my website?

      Thanks Frank
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      You'll probably get a variety of answers to this one.

      If it's any help, I post on my own site first and then submit the same article a day or so later to Ezine Articles. I may however, change the title slightly and change the ending before it comes to the resource box

      Best wishes


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