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Hi everyone

I am only new to this forum and I am not too familiar internet marketing.

I am the owner of a relatively new Driving School in Northern Ireland. I have just recently set up an advertisement on a website called

Here is my advertisement

My problem is that when I go to google and type in CARNMONEY DRIVING SCHOOL my add doesnt appear. However when I type in "Clare School Of Motoring" for example his ad will appear on the top spot on google. How come this guys ad is appearing there and mine isnt?even though we have paid for the same advertisement.

I only got the ad set up yesterday so this may be why??

Thanks for your help.
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    Hey -

    A couple of quick thoughts for you based on my experience...

    1. Yes, your ad is new and the GoogleBot might not have found it yet. If however you paid Google to display it and it does not appear, then contact Google.

    2, If your ad is part of a 'rotator' somewhere, it just might not yet have had its turn.

    3. Any time you search for a proper name, you're cheating... because the 'average surfer' will typically not do that unless they have heard of you elsewhere.

    4. This is typically described as 'driving traffic' not organic traffic.

    5. A better measure for you is to search for 'driving school in [your town or your zip etc.] and see who comes up organically and in the ads on the right.

    Hope this helps -

    Chip Tarver
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      well the other guy is having his website properly optimized for the keyword ... and has more quality backlinks to his website then you .....

      What you need are more backlinks pointing to your website from other website with anchor text [keyword for which you want your ad to appear]

      If you want to jump start thigns .... then do look at my signature , perhaps we could help .....


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    Hi carnmoney,

    I think there's some confusion here. You've booked an ad on a NI only site with its own search engine and then looking on Google for the results. I'd be amazex if it happened that quickly. The NI site is a start but you should think about what you want your site to achieve, and what your customers will do when they come online looking for a driving school. What will they search for, then you can do all sorts from pay per click marketing to article, video and press release writing to get your site associated with those search terms. Start with what your customer wants and does and the rest will follow.

    I hope that helps and good luck,

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