Can somebody explain the google dance to me?

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I keep getting ranked for my content on the first page of google and then my article or squidoo lens or hub just dissapear from not only the first page but from all the pages. I can't find it after a while.Then on the other hand I have some content that stays on page one and doesn't fluctuate.Now I have heard about something called the google dance. Can somebody pls explain to me what the google dance is and why my content just dissapear?It seems to me I might get penalized for something and can't figure out why.

Thanks in advance
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    A pretty good explanation is at:

    Google Dance

    All the best,
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      Thanks for the explanation, It doesnt seem like it's the google dance that's affecting my page ranking.
  • Profile picture of the author radhika is a good place to get further info.

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    This is sometimes called the "Rank & Tank" syndrome.

    Some view it as a positive indicator that Google may, in time, give you some excellent traction for that search phrase. Authority, links and your schedule of virgin sacrifices play a role in how long you rank before or if you will "tank".

    Don't be surprised if it comes back in a few weeks in good position. Don't be reactive about it. Build some quality links to your page and be patient.

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      You really have to understand back links and how the quality of back links affects your Google ranking.

      If you put a new page on Squidoo when you put it up it's linked from a high quality page (because it's new content).

      But after a while your new content is no longer linked to from that page.

      Google sees this as a reduction in the importance of the content (it's lost a good back link) and adjusts its ranking for your page accordingly.

      That's why you can get such good rankings so fast with sites like these but often they quickly drop off the Google rankings very fast too.

      The pages that stick in the Google rankings will usually have at least one or several of these attributes:

      # Targeting a keyword phrase with little or no real competition (then backlinks don't matter. Once you're indexed your page is the only game in town so it maintains a high ranking).

      # Picking up backlinks from other quality sites or pages. Often a good lens page will get sites linking to you and just one good quality link is often enough to keep you ranked high on Google.

      Note that you can engineer the second attribute.

      Also there is a very good argument for having your own domain name with multiple pages and linking your squidoo lenses, myspace pages etc to relevant pages on that domain.

      A domain name that exactly matches a keyword phrase has a MUCH higher chance of ranking number 1 in Google for that keyword phrase (and for similar keyword phrases).

      Kindest regards,
      Andrew Cavanagh

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