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other than being swamped with irritating emails regarding traffic fusion I am getting loads of emails about something involving PLR the site is PLRFest.com and a few others
I've asked the owner what the promo is all about, I mean I really want to know, but haven't received a real answer other than being a bit defensive about his integrity.
Anyway it appears to me, you pay the site so you can give stuff to them that others can sell or they can sell. I'm not seeing any benefit to the provider at all.
the answer I received to that question was that people are giving away what they don't own anyway. huh??
if anyone knows of this and exactly what the deal is, I'd appreciate it. At this point, I'm not getting involved with it, but the type of plr event thing seems to be swamping my inbox lately.
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    I googled it and what I got from it was the guy is trying to do a list building JV with plr material. I'm lucky, I haven't gotten the emails, but if I do, I'm staying away too.
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    Hi Linda:

    PLR, or private label rights is essentially this.

    You purchase rights to a product that you can then modify any way you
    like (depending on the actual rights given) and sell as your own.

    PLR rights can be very profitable if used correctly.

    The main benefit is that it saves you time.

    Imagine wanting to write an ebook on acne and sell it. It would take you
    weeks if not months to do. Now, imagine you purchase a PLR book on acne
    and sell it instead. The time it will take you to put it together is minuscule
    in comparison mostly because you don't have to do the research. That
    part has already been done for you.

    A lot of PLR is crap, but there is some good PLR out there. You just have
    to be careful about what you get your hands on.

    But yes, it can be quite profitable.
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    Private Label Rights (PLR) products are generally articles and ebooks which you can edit and re-label as if you wrote them yourself. There are dozens of membership sites which supply their members with a certain number of private label products every month - it looks as if PLRFest is one of them.
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    Hi Steven, I may be wrong but I think you missed her point.
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      Originally Posted by KimW View Post

      Hi Steven, I may be wrong but I think you missed her point.
      Kim, I may very well have missed her point because quite honestly, I read
      the post 5 times and still wasn't sure whether she didn't know what PLR was,
      what the benefits were, or both, or something else. So I took a shot.
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    Ok, maybe I missed her point, I don't know now.
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      It appears to be a JV giveaway of PLR products.

      I suspect you've signed up for giveaways before, and that everyone you gave your email to is sending you invites.


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