Recommend a good user friendly external hard drive

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Can anyone please recommend a good external hard drive that is easy to use for backing up my laptop?

I have one from iomega but I cannot figure out how to use the thing.

Many thanks
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    I use a 500-gig external from SeaGate and love it. I also bought a program [nominal one-time fee] that lets me save everything on my Apple laptop as a bootable back-up.

    I totally love it.

    Hope this helps,
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    There are 2 options I would like to mention. If your really looking for a good backup HD, the "ABSmini" 40gb HD is pretty good, prolly the best option, although you can't boot from it incase your HD fails.

    I currently use the Hitachi SimpleTouch.. great unit. I have not had a problem with it.

    I have used Maxtor externals, and I've had several problems with them corrupting data
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    I have a 500G passport and I love it but you may not need something so mobile.
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    Hey jan,

    LACIE makes good d2 quadra peofessional HDs. I have a 320 GB eSATA, and has both firewire 400 and 800, with the USB 2.0.

    I like mine real well, and it's fairly easy to work with.

    If you need something on the extreemly simple level though, Western Digital's are good, or they used to be. There's hardly no setting up to these - just plug them in and go to towm. They last for a very long time, and can take a beating too.

    Hope this helps ...

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    Yes they should. It's like any other piece of hardware you would add.
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    I use a Maxtor USB external drive, and it has worked fine. Looks just like another disk drive.

    I also use as a second, off-site backup.
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    I have an external usb hd that I built, but depending on the amount of storage you need, why not just look at usb thumb drives? Some of them are coming in the 10's of gigabyte range now. They are easy to use and small enough to carry anywhere.

    If you do go for a usb hd, my personal suggestion would be to find one with its own power cord so you don't have to draw power through the usb port. I've blown several ports by trying to draw too much power through them.
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    What we do these days is simply have a cady (USB External Hard Drive case) which we can add any laptop hard drive to and then use them for backups.

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    The best USB hard drives in my experience are Western Digital and Seagate. I have a 500 GB Western Digital myself. It really works like a charm and helps me store my huge library of files. Just be sure to get one that is USB 2.0, so that data is loaded at its fastest rate.
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    I am about to travel OS for a few month and I want to make sure that my important stuff is backed up. How much could i put on a 10 G thumb key?

    I just need it to be very portable as I want to travel light.

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    intresting i just seen a good advert about external hard drives from a company called p.c world on the television its a 350 gig hard drive about 35.99 just google the name pc world you may find it there,

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    I also love my WD Passport. In fact, I have more than one.
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    Hi Jan

    depends on how old your laptop is and what kind. I use a network drive on our wireless network. Which is a Buffalo. or just a buffalo drive which you can plug straight in. Drivers are already loaded on the drive. If it's not a network drive it will be USB.

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