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Can anyone tell me where I can find free or low cost email opt-in scripts for my website?

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    Hi Bill,

    It would have been better if your post had been a little more specific. I'll comment below, but I might not have fully understood your question.

    If you are looking for a sign up box (name and email address to capture leads) to place on your website, then all autoresponders will have that feature and you can copy and paste code (provided by the autoresponder) to generate the sign up facility on your website or webpage.

    If it is a script that you want, in order to install it directly onto your host server, there are many in existence, both paid and free. Simply do a Google search for autoresponder scripts.

    Bear in mind that if you install a script and use your isp or your host provider to send emails to your list of subscribers, you should normally seek approval of your providers first, this will help prevent bandwidth and potential spam complaint problems later on.

    I hope that I understood your question.

    Jeff Henshaw.
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      Yes you answered my question, Thank you. As for being more specific I'm still learning all the ins and outs of an internet business so my verbage is not up to par. But thanks again for reading between the lines and answering my question.
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    If you are still starting and working on a limited budget, I suggest that you
    install an autoresponder script in your site to save you the monthly fee
    the paid autoresponders are charging. If you don't know how to install it
    I can recommend a script vendor who installs it for free and his script is
    double opt-in.

    Again, just as what Jeff is suggesting, do not send spam emails and try to
    avoid buying leads.
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      Look for these basic features whatever you buy:

      * Double opt-in (option to import/export)
      * Custom tags
      * Personalization of emails
      * Automatic unsubscriptions
      * Subscriber ip and date of time recording
      * Newsletter sending option
      * Good email deliverability
      * Good support from the merchant

      I don't think people don't need more than these essential features.

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