Popup on "Almost" Exit

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Hi Warriors,

I remember seeing this and I was wondering if anybody could point me to this product.
It is a popup script that activates when the user moves their mouse up to click on the back button or the close button.

So, they haven't actually clicked to leave the page yet, but they're about to.

I'm sure I've seen this, but I can't seem to find it again.
Any ideas?

Leon Klepfish
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    Has nobody heard of this? I'm surprised, I'm sure I've seen it implemented.

    Best regards,
    Leon Klepfish
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      You can do it with a tiny bit of javascript.

      Change your page's <body> tag to:

      <body onMouseOut='functionName();'>


      <body onMouseOut='alert("Stay!");'>

      I'll leave it up to you or others to build on it.

      It's not something I'd be happy to inflict on my site visitors.


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    Thanks! That was exactly what I needed


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