Sitepoint's Web Valuation Guide

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A bit of gold from Sitepoint that I somehow mangaged to overlook:

The Ultimate Web Site Valuation Guide [Community]

They lay out a ton of great information there, and given the level of business that the SP marketplace sees they are not just blowing smoke.

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    Great article, Frank. Thanks for sharing.

    I've always wondered how accurate DNscoop was.

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      thank you for the information i was there it was really intersting please i need more of that to help me in online marketing biz
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    Hey thanks Frank

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      I thought this was a very interesting website. I have sold website's in the past for clients and the price you get for a website can totally vary and it all depends on what the buyer is willing to spend. For example I sold a business for $785,000 for a client. The revenues on that website were only around $400,000. A few buyers contacted me and said they didn't think the site was worth more than $200,000. Some people only wanted to pay $200,000 for it, yet someone else saw more potential in it and they spent 4 times that amount. The guy that bought the business quickly turned the company around and is doing very well with it. The fact of the matter is that it all depends on what the buyers want to spend.

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