Son Of "Am I Too Cheap?"

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I listened, I learnt and I rebuilt.
So here goes, fingers crossed.
Review the New, Improved "The HTML Book site again please.


PS Be kind Kyle
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    Although you have improved slightly, I see the same problems.

    Your copy needs work. Your design needs work.

    Copywriting is an art in and of itself, but there are some fantastic resources out there. Feel free to PM me if you want and I can have a look through my collection and give you some titles that really helped me out.

    Also, it pays to pay a designer to do a site for you. I use, I think his name is Andre, and he's freaking awesome, but and are great too.

    Kind regards,

    • Profile picture of the author Neil Morgan
      Hello Mike

      PS Be kind Kyle
      My name isn't Kyle so...

      ...the biggest problem is that I'm assuming your book will tell me how to design a site like yours.

      But I definitely don't want a site like yours and I doubt I'm the only one who would think that.

      The design needs work. Big time.

      Get a designer. It will be worth it many, many times over. Just do it - otherwise you'll just waste more time and end up with a design that still won't cut it.


    • Profile picture of the author MikeHayes
      Hi Dan,

      Thanks. I'd like to see some of those titles you offered

      Thanks again.

  • Profile picture of the author tomw
    Neil kindly saved me having to be equally as direct about your site and its effect on your offer so...

    ...what Neil said....x2!

  • Profile picture of the author Kyle Tully
    Originally Posted by MikeHayes View Post

    PS Be kind Kyle
    I may sometimes be blunt but never unkind. Unkind would be to say nothing.

    From memory of your old page you have made some improvements, but I want to reiterate what I said before... I don't really think there is a market for it.

    But put that aside for a second and answer me these questions:

    1. Who is your market specifically?
    2. How are you going to drive traffic?
    3. How much will each visitor cost you?
    4. Do you have a backend product?
  • Profile picture of the author Tim Franklin
    While I am not a Graphics Guru,


    here is a sample graphic I put together, rather quickly.

    If you like it use it, no strings,

    edit snip

    What you need is a design that lives and breaths, what you can help your customer achieve.

    I can send you the source file if you like that way you can remove and change the items you dont like,

    have a great day.
  • Profile picture of the author Kim Standerline
    Hi Mike

    I'm never unkind (maybe blunt, but never unkind)

    I just read your first few paragraphs and blinked. Are you saying you are going to build websites for other people? I'm sorry my friend, but with the site you are showing absolutely no way are u going to be able to pull it off.

    Suggestion, why don't you arbitrage it, i.e get the prospects, give them a price, outsource it for less, and pocket the difference.

    But for a start you definately need to get your main sales site done professionally

    Good luck
  • Profile picture of the author Tim Franklin
    sure, PM on the way.

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