Im Liking Get Response ...

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Whenever somebody asks about an
Autoresponder everybody always fawns
over Aweber

I have used Aweber for years

With the Recent Price Increase and
all the problems with Aweber I just got a
Get Response Account yesterday

I have heard that Aweber delieverability is

Well I tested GR on Hotmail, Yahoo. AOL , Gmail etc
and it hit every Inbox like a charm

I have heard the GR Interface wasn't as good as
Awebers ..

Well it seems fine to me

AND .. their is no problem with Single Optin

So there ARE alternatives to Aweber

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  • Profile picture of the author Lambert Klein
    I use Get Response as well. Just wish it had an option to reuse the same template. I just copy my template from a txt file now.

  • Profile picture of the author Jobsande
    I tried Get Response a while ago and had lots of trouble figuring out the interface. I stumbled upon Ezine Director and it's super easy to use. Has anyone else had experience with ezine director?
    • Profile picture of the author Zach Booker
      I personally love aweber, but because of all the recent problems that they have had I am thinking of changing...Getresponse seems to me like its the only alternative really.
  • Profile picture of the author Solidsnake
    I used getresponse before but they disabled my acocunt without any reason. I shifted then to benchmarkemail and the result was good..
    • Profile picture of the author Anna Johnson
      I use 1SC for most of my lists but recently began to use GR and, frankly, I'm impressed. It's very FAST, which makes the process of loading and sending out emails extremely efficient. I also love the statistical reporting - excellent. I don't mind the interface. There are a few of limitations e.g. the inability to send out more than one autoresponder on the same day, and I still prefer 1SC for a number of reasons, but otherwise I'm fairly happy with it.
  • Profile picture of the author samstephens
    The best thing about GetResponse, in my opinion, is their willingness to work with internet business owners to help automate a simple task of creating a mailing list of all the customers you order from.

    Unfortunatly Aweber still don't allow full automation with this. There are a few ways you can tip-toe around it, but GetResponse offer this service whole heartedly.

    Anyone who buys my product is added to the tech support/update notification list with no fuss -- no forms to fill in, no extra steps to take.

    GetResponse's biggest strength is listening to their customers and working with them.

  • Profile picture of the author zuberr
    And one can also sign up for free with GetResponse
    and test the grounds. The free membership has
    limited features, but you'll get an idea of how the
    interface works.
  • Profile picture of the author Angela V. Edwards
    I'm an "autoresponder newbie" but I now have Getresponse and it seems to work very well. I am happy with it.
    • Profile picture of the author Platinum Matt
      I'll definitely be changing to GR soon, I've never loved Aweber and I don't really like their massive price hike - even though it doesn't effect me personally right now.
  • Profile picture of the author affirm758
    get response works very well...

    aweber was good... now it's just like any other high priced email provider...

    i think a lot of people are switching and if you are just starting out than it's a no brainer

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