Article Marketing Question : Mass Submit Or Selective?

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Up until now I have had great success by submitting to ezine articles alone.

Can you tell me if you think services like Article Marketer are a good option to consider? Will they not get you penalized for duplicate content?

Any advice, much appreciated.
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    Originally Posted by Rob Ferrall View Post

    I don't know about the other services you mentioned, but I submit to about 20 different article directories (I vary them with different articles) and here are the results from a one-time submission about 1 month ago:

    "Freelance Writing an Easy Work at Home Business" - Google Search

    I've attached the differences in this website's traffic, which it looks like it's an average increase of 20 visitors per day 1 month after this article's submission.

    I hardly ever use ezine articles, though, as I use article marketing to increase my visitor count indirectly rather than receiving visitors from the articles themselves.

    In other words, I think that there is great value in selective article marketing.
    That's a very helpful post. Thanks, Rob!

    Do you re-write the article or post the same article to more than one directory?
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      I myself go with more of a shot gun approach than the sniper one.

      IMO the idea of duplicate content is pretty well a myth as most people understand it.

      The best thing you can do is have the article on your site for a day or two then submit it.

      Think of it this way. Google will give you credit for being the creator of the article if they see it on your blog / site first. After that go ahead and post it. You will get the credit for being the first and the article will still be out there for others to get and publish, not to mention read and follow your bio links.

      The idea of getting penalized for duplicate content would completely kill the process of article marketing if the popular myth was completely true.

      You must also think that every site is different. When the spiders come along to see what you have they do not look just your article. They look at the whole page (header, footer, menu, ads, etc...) So there is no way that every place that posts your article would be 100% identical. There are always going to be variables to every site that makes it somewhat original.

      I have followed this philosophy so far and it has worked rather well. I have also started using an article submitter that is working out pretty well for me to. I wrote a review on it a little earlier if you want to go and check it out. There might be a better one out there but I have not found it yet.
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    Originally Posted by Kristian View Post

    Can you tell me if you think services like Article Marketer are a good option to consider? Will they not get you penalized for duplicate content?
    Article Marketer addresses this issue with a free download explaining it:

    click here

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    Fantastic advice guys. Thank you!

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